Jim, Jenn and Lindsey

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We are so excited to begin this journey to add the newest member to our family! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us! We have been blessed in life, but we have a missing place in our family and our hearts. We are a very loving and active family and we cannot wait to add our next son or daughter to our lives!

Every day, we put ourselves in your place and attempt to imagine and feel what you are going through right now. We really don’t think that we can even come close to feeling what you are feeling at this point in your life. You are a very special person for considering adoption. Many words come to mind when we think of you: loving, selfless, noble, and brave. We know that this cannot be easy and our hearts break for you having to make this decision. You are constantly in our prayers even though we do not even know your name yet.

About Us

What to say about our family….well let’s start with the basics! We met in 2004 through a mutual friend and we dated for about two years before Jim proposed to Jenn on the beach on a very cold somewhat rainy March afternoon! Jenn thought they were going on a trip to Home Depot and was dressed in sweats and no makeup. Little did she know that after she said yes to the question there was a big party waiting at her parents’ house!
We were married in December 2006. It was a Christmas wedding because both of us love Christmas time! We love the lights and the feeling of excitement that is around that time of year! We had our daughter in October of 2009. Her name is Lindsey and she was truly a blessing to us! We are a very loving and active family.

Jim is really your all around good old humorous “do-it-yourself” kind of guy. He is funny, loves to joke around, adventurous, caring, loyal and extremely smart. If there is something Jim wants to get done, it always gets done.
Jenn is outgoing, inquisitive, trustworthy, and loyal. Always thinking of others before herself. She has a great sense of family and tradition.

About Jim:
I would have to describe myself as a very traditional and conservative individual. Many of my core morals and beliefs are based upon the same ideals that this country was founded upon and which has shaped the communities of this great country. Personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our financial security, and for our community is what I believe in. We make things happen, they are not provided for us by anyone else. I would have to describe myself as a “Type A” personality. I have always been energetic and interested in learning how things work or learning new things. I truly enjoy a round of golf from time to time. Although, with alone time for myself hard to come by these days, I concentrate on exercising and staying healthy. I run, mostly with an ambition for future marathons and triathlons. One thing I have always enjoyed is fixing things, anything from cars to coffeepots.
-Love to play golf
-Do it yourself projects
-Working out
-Hanging out with family (bringing Lindsey places like the beach, playing a board game with Lindsey, or hanging out with my brothers-in-law watching a football game)
-And of course hanging out with my wonderful wife
-Great sense of humor
-Love “goofing” around and playing jokes
-Love my job, I am a Firefighter, and it is the greatest job in the world
-My job allows me to spend a lot of time with my family at home which I really like

About Jenn:
I am basically an easy going person most of the time. I am the type of person that “goes with the flow”. My many years as an emergency department nurse have trained me to handle change and chaos very well. I am generally pretty calm and on an even keel. I love people. I am compassionate and empathetic and will teach my children those same values.
-Love working out with my workout partners at the gym
-Spend a lot of time with my sisters and niece and nephew, we all live within a five mile radius of one another
-I enjoy finding cool things to do with our daughter Lindsey, like right now we do a soccer program where she and I play soccer together and she is learning the game.
-Love to read
-Like cooking and coming up with new recipes
-Love hanging out at the beach
-Love the now occasional shopping trips with my sisters
-I am a registered nurse and practiced emergency room nursing for 8 years which I loved but I am now a stay at home mom which I love even more

Family Life

We LOVE the beach! We live only a few miles away from the ocean and the bay. We are there constantly, summer through winter. We tend to stick to the bay now with the kids, the ocean can be a little intimidating at times! Lindsey and all of my nieces and nephews love the water and building sandcastles as you can see by the picture! Jim is very good at constructing crazy, big castles that the kids LOVE! We also have a lot of parks around us which we visit regularly. There is a really nice toddler park about half a mile up the road that we walk to and is great for the younger kids. Then there is the “park” in our backyard that Jim built.

We are a family that likes to celebrate EVERYTHING! We celebrate all holidays; Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Saint Patrick’s Day (which is also Jim’s birthday), Easter and Memorial Day. We also celebrate everyone’s birthday young and old throughout the year with a party! We usually celebrate Thanksgiving with Jim’s family in Connecticut and then all the other holidays are celebrated with my family. We love taking trips and vacations. Showing our children different and fun places is very important .

Our Friends and Family

We are a football loving family! Giant’s fans through and through! Our entire extended family are also huge football fans. Every weekend during football season we all get together at each other’s homes for football day. It’s great—family, food, football and fun. We tend to have many gatherings throughout the month even when football is not involved. Jenn and her two sisters and parents all live within a couple miles of each other. They see each other almost daily, which leads to all of the cousins being very close to one another. We all get together for dinner throughout each month several times and a small little gathering at our house can turn into an all out family event very quickly because we all live so close. We are overall a very loud, fun and energetic bunch. We love welcoming people into our family and friends are treated like family.

Jim has 2 sisters who are married and also have children, one has 3 children the other has 2 children. One of his sisters lives in Connecticut and the other in New York. Jim’s parents live in Connecticut. We are very close with them also. We try to see Jim’s parents once a month and we try to see Jim’s sisters and all of our nephews and niece as much as possible.

Jim’s parents, as well as Jenn’s, are very involved with all of their grandchildren and are always around doing all sorts of fun stuff with them like going to the beach, the park, or having movie night at their house with pepperoni pizza!

All of our extended family are extremely excited about welcoming our next child! There is a lot of love to go around!

Our Home and Community

We live in a traditional four bedroom, two and a half bath colonial. We have a huge playroom, which is a little overflowing with toys! We moved into our home in July of 2009 and we have no plans of ever leaving. Our neighborhood is fantastic and has sidewalks lined with trees. There is no traffic except for those who live here. Our neighbors are all wonderful and there is a wide variety of children in the neighborhood from newborns to teenagers. The funny thing that we learned, when the first September rolled around, is that the school bus stop is directly on the sidewalk in front of our house. This will be really nice when the kids are in school!

We have a very good sized backyard which is fenced in and has an awesome swing set Jim built. Eventually we want to have an in-ground pool when the kids are older and know how to swim. The style of our home is very nautical. We have a lot of subtle shades of blues, yellows and natural beige tones though out our home.

We live in a very nice, small beach community. The school systems are awesome! There are so many neat programs that are offered such as in gym class, surfing and fishing.

We are pretty involved in the community. We volunteer and participate in Relay for Life each year which is a lot of fun. We also just like to volunteer and participate in many different things such as community clean ups before the summer starts.

Our Message to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our family profile book! This was just a little snapshot of our life! We would love to meet with you and talk more about our life and learn about yours! We are praying for you through this whole journey! All of our love!

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