Bradley & Maren

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We know we can’t understand the emotions you must be experiencing. We can express our concern for your well-being and hope and pray you can find peace as you make an adoption plan for your baby. Adoption is woven in the fabric of our life. Maren’s birthmother made that loving choice and placed her in a family as an infant, a family that truly cherishes her. Three of Maren’s cousins were also adopted. We understand that you may want a certain level of openness with your adoption plan, and we will follow your lead on this. Our deepest desire is to help a child who joins our family through adoption to feel as loved as Maren does by her family and to feel love and appreciation for YOU!

A Note from Maren:
I would like to share my feelings about my birthmother. I think birthmothers possess similar qualities. My adoption was closed. I do not “know” my birthmother, but that in no way diminishes the love I have for her. It’s hard to explain how you can love and feel you know someone, even if she hasn’t been a part of your daily life. She is a woman of tremendous strength and courage, and she is unselfish. I feel a profound admiration and respect for her, and I am forever thankful she gave me life and my family. I know she loves me. I like to picture her happy and successful.

About Us

We met on the first day of college and had a romance worthy of a movie: study partners who became best friends, then helped each other find love elsewhere, then figured out we were in love with our best friend instead. We have been happily married for nearly 17 years and have always planned to have a family. We were only recently blessed with our son, Callum, who is now almost 4 years old. He is the light of our life and we feel we have so much more love to share in our home for more children.

Bradley is a Mechanical Engineer and has worked with jet engines and now in the chemical industry. He loves the fact that his job lets him be home at night with the family. He serves diligently in our church, plays with Callum every night, cooks dinner regularly, bakes lots of chocolate chip cookies, and fixes anything that goes wrong in our house. He loves to make things and has some construction experience. Any spare time is used for family history research, making photo albums of our family, or reading or writing adventure or fantasy novels.

Maren is a full-time mother and loves the joy of managing our home and teaching Callum. She gave up her Civil Engineering career to come home and teach piano and guitar lessons for several years before Callum joined our family. Making music is a daily pleasure! She has also learned American Sign Language and taught Callum and others in our home. She works with the women’s organization of our church, and enjoys serving especially those who are in need of a friend.

Family Life

We love playing and working together as a family, since both are important to us. We want our children to get a good education and be successful in life both spiritually and financially. Maren enjoys providing Callum with lots of opportunities to learn each day, whether at home or at various activities like swimming, gymnastics, or a preschool music class she teaches. We spend each night playing, reading, acting out adventures, drawing, painting, sculpting, storytelling, tickling, snuggling, singing, praying together, and saying I love you after a few silly faces or hide and seek at bedtime.

We’d like to share our family mission statement with you to give you an idea about our goals and values. We wrote it together, several years before Callum was born. It hangs in our bedroom next to the picture of our family to remind us of what we’re striving to do each day.

“We hereby proclaim our mission to be a happy, eternal family. We will maintain a Christ-centered home where the Spirit of God can dwell, individuals are valued, talents are nurtured, and love abides. We will make and keep sacred covenants faithfully, work together cheerfully, play together frequently, and strive to be a little better each day. We will strengthen faith through gospel study and develop charity through service to others. We will increase our knowledge and wisdom through education and reading good books. We will honor our bodies as temples and care for them with good habits of health. We will let our light so shine that we may one day hear the words: ‘Well, done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the rest of the Lord.’”

Our Friends and Family

We are both the oldest child in our families. Brad has five brothers and sisters, and Maren has four brothers. We have many fond memories of growing up with our families. We have good relationships with our siblings and parents and enjoy getting together with them as often as we can. Callum has lots of cousins on both sides of the family, with many his age. More cousins are on the way, and we are excited for our future children to have playmates in the family. We have a huge extended family as well, and stay in touch through various reunions and family parties.

Our families are both thrilled we are pursuing adoption. We appreciate all that our parents have taught us and attribute much of our success to their great teaching and example. We are close to them and have good relationships. We’ve witnessed firsthand what wonderful grandparents our parents have been to Callum. They often bring or send him little cards, treats, and notes to let him know they love him.

Fortunately, we associate with lots of other families with young children, so we have many opportunities for Callum to play with friends. We attend church regularly, and have excellent friends and activities there for the whole family. Maren has created a pre-school music class and invited a group of friends and their children to attend for free on a weekly basis. They enjoy dancing, running, singing, playing, reading, and learning new music together. It’s a great opportunity to socialize and also give Callum an early exposure to instruments, rhythm, and singing. We look forward to having other children in our family to make music with us!

Our Home and Community

Our home is warm and cheery. We spend much of our time in the kitchen, family room, and playroom. It’s the heart of our home. We have a music room, where Maren teaches a couple of piano lessons each week, and Callum plays his drum set. We also love having the extra space in the finished basement to chase around and play dragons and monsters, or cozy up on the couch to watch a movie and eat popcorn. We have extra bedrooms for future children and guests.

We are nestled among lots of mountains and farms in rural New Jersey. Our country neighborhood is scenic and relaxed. It’s filled with trees, people walking dogs, and children playing outside. We chase the fireflies in the summer, ride bikes around the neighborhood, and watch the hot air balloons floating above the rooftops. Our neighbors host wonderful holiday parties and look out for one another.

We love to venture to the local orchards for picking blueberries, apples, and pumpkins. Some of our favorite things to do outside in our yard are: play on the swing-set, dine at Callum’s playhouse, or work in our vegetable garden together. We pay close attention to family events going on in the community and participate in them – like school plays, concerts, family movie-in-the-pool night at our AWESOME community pool, cooking classes, and firework displays.

Our Message to You

A Note from Maren:
These are some of the things my parents do that I hope to do for the child who joins our family through adoption:

  • Provide me with such a wonderful life that I feel overwhelming gratitude to my birth mother for giving me life and loving me enough to choose adoption
  • Love me the same as their biological children
  • Make certain I have no doubt I belong in my family
  • Help me feel like I’m not different in a bad way because I was adopted
  • Know how to handle curious or impolite people who want to know why I don’t look like the rest of my family

From Both of Us:
We hope the things we’ve shared in this profile can show you a clear vision of what your child’s life would be like as a member of our family should you choose to make an adoption plan. We’ve given deep thought and care in selecting pictures and details we hope will help you get to know us and feel certain of your choice. Thank you for letting us share our thoughts and a little of our lives with you. – Bradley & Maren

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