Brian, Danielle & Sean

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We realize you’re going through a tremendously trying time. We are open and ready to listen to any thoughts and feelings you are comfortable sharing. Our hope is to add to our family and raise our children to be strong, happy and healthy adults who are proud of both their birth parents and us.

About Us

We have been married for 11 years…the time has gone so quickly! We began dating over 13 years ago. The first night we met we really hit it off. Although Brian was sweet and handsome, Danielle wasn’t interested in dating at the time and told him that. Being resourceful, Brian located her email address and reached out a few days later but the timing just wasn’t right. Well…….4 months later we met again at the same place. Danielle recognized Brian, re-introduced herself and the rest is history!

In March 2010, we became parents for the 1st time when we adopted our son Sean, who was 9 weeks old at the time. He is now 4 years old and raising him has been such an honor and a sheer joy! We have an amazing relationship with his birth family who entrusted us with the single biggest decision of their lives. They will always hold a special place in our hearts. We happily share emails, letters and photos with them and we even meet in person with them once a year. They are grateful to us for giving them updates and for allowing them to watch Sean grow up. We hope to build a similar relationship with the birth family of our second child, if they so desire.

Family Life

Sean is a happy-go-lucky, sweet and charming little boy! He is VERY active so he keeps us busy with lots of outdoor activities like swimming at the beach and pools in the summer months, going to the park and the zoo, playing baseball, football and basketball, and riding his bike and scooter with the neighborhood kids (there are tons of young children in our neighborhood!)….and our indoor activities always include lots of imagination like painting and coloring, crafts, games, playing with cars, trucks and trains and LOTS of pretend play! We love taking Sean for walks into town to get ice cream….our town also holds lots of festivals and parades so we love going there together as a family. We have dinner together as a family every night. It’s a tradition we plan to always keep!

Brian is an amazing husband and father. When he’s done working for the day, he immediately runs to Sean to spend time and play with him. While I make dinner, Brian takes Sean over to the park or plays with him in the downstairs playroom. He reads him a bedtime story every night and looks forward to seeing his smiling face every morning. Sean adores his daddy and his face lights up whenever he walks in the room! Brian plays on the town softball league and he runs to keep fit…..along with chasing after Sean! He ran a full marathon 14 years ago. He’s in sales and likes interacting with different people as part of his work. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science.

Danielle is a stay-at-home mom and enjoys every single second of it! She’s an amazing hands-on mom who loves teaching Sean new things and feels so blessed that she is there to witness every milestone. They spend time learning, playing, and of course, laughing in the playroom and when the weather is nice, they spend time outside at the park and playing with the many neighborhood kids. They also go to the local library for storytime, which Sean absolutely loves! She tries to expose Sean to as many new experiences as she can. She can’t wait for Sean to have a little brother or sister to add to the fun! Before Danielle became a stay-at-home mom, she worked as a Marketing Account Executive. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication. She relaxes by reading, mostly non-fiction books… she loves decorating, cooking and baking…..I have a major sweet tooth so this arrangement has worked out well!

We welcome our friends and families to our home. Christmas is our favorite time of year to do this! We decorate our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving, while listening to classic Christmas songs, and get it all ready for the festivities. We host a get-together a few weeks before Christmas for our families. It gets noisy with all the laughter and the children playing games.

Another tradition we’ve kept for many years is hosting the annual Pumpkin Carving before Halloween with our many nieces, nephews and cousins! Brian likes to pick out the biggest pumpkins possible and puts them out around our yard. The kids then race to find their favorite pumpkin and the adults help them carve their jack-o-lanterns. It’s great getting both our families together for this annual tradition!

Friends and Family

Family is very important to both of us. Our parents and siblings all live within a 15-20 mile radius from us so we see them often! Danielle’s awesome sister and her husband are raising our 12-year old nephew and 9-year old niece. They always keep us smiling. Brian’s brother and his wife are raising our 19-year old and 12-year old nephews and our 18 year-old niece. It’s been so amazing to see all of our nieces and nephews grow up. Now that the two oldest are teenagers, we can see how they’ve matured into such well-rounded kids…..we often go to our siblings for parenting advice and on what is to come in the adolescent and teenage years!

We take family trips with each of our families once a summer. We rent a house close to the beach, pack up the car and hit the road! Sean especially loves this time with his cousins.

Our families have given us a strong foundation for our solid marriage and have been such great role models for us. Our relatives will joyfully welcome another baby into our circle when we adopt again. Our homecoming for Sean was absolutely amazing….our families surprised us at our home the day we took Sean home for the 1st time. They were overjoyed to welcome him into our family.

Our Home and Community

Seven years ago, we turned our 2 bedroom ranch onto our spacious, yet cozy, 4 bedroom colonial…planning for our family. We wanted to stay in our community because it is great for children. It took 7 months to complete but well worth the time and effort. We did a lot of the work ourselves like sheetrocking, painting and some demolition. We really worked together to build our dream…although we’d experience set backs, we focused on our goal and finally achieved it. We are surrounded by many children and happy families who are always outdoors and pop in every once in a while. Our home is located a few blocks from the elementary school, park and center of town. There are a ton of activities for children to do in the area. In the park alone, there are 3 playgrounds, a baseball field, soccer field and tennis courts. Our town also has several lakes where families can canoe and fish. We also have a great recreation program where the kids can join sports teams and take part in summer arts and crafts.

Our Message to You

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We can’t wait to be a family of 4! If you honor us by selecting us, we promise you with all our hearts that we will share a trusting relationship with you. We will make sure that your child will grow to understand adoption in loving ways. We’ll create memories that will be told to your birth child if you place him or her with us. We’ll be very sensitive to your feelings and needs and how you may want to keep in touch in the future.


Brian and Danielle

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