Chris & Neritan

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About us

We are a married couple, living in Jersey City, New Jersey. We met in 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas, and got married in 2013. A year later, we decided to relocate from Texas to New Jersey, in order to be closer to our families and to start a family of our own.
Chris works as a writer and editor for a newspaper and website. Neritan is a consultant and auditor for a global accounting firm.
We are embarking on the adoption journey with our utmost love and devotion. We both adore children, and we are especially excited about the prospect of sharing our passions and joys — home-cooked meals; reading; traveling the world — with a son or daughter.

Chris grew up in Staten Island, New York, and has a huge family: three siblings, six nephews and nieces, and two great-nephews and nieces. His family members all live in New Jersey and New York, and get together all the time for parties and holidays. (There will be lots of babysitters and cousins for the new arrival!)
Chris is especially passionate about education. He is a gifted writer who has written for magazines and newspapers, and even published a novel. He already has a shelf of books that he wants to read to our son or daughter.

Neritan grew up in Tirana, Albania, where his parents and aunts still live. Every year, his parents visit us in the United States, and we visit them in Europe. They are thrilled at the prospect of their first grandchild.
Neritan came to the United States by himself as a teenager, and put himself through college and graduate school. He’s incredibly curious about the world, and he believes fiercely that education never stops. He speaks four languages (English, Albanian, Italian and French), and reads every newspaper and magazine he can get his hands on. Yet for all of Neritan’s hard work, he also has a playful side. He loves music, and is usually at the center of any dance floor. He likes to take bike rides and to go for runs with our dog.

Our home:

We live in Jersey City, New Jersey on a historic street lined with brownstones and trees. We love spending the weekends exploring our neighborhood, which has amazing views of the New York City skyline. We’re only a ten minute train ride to Manhattan, so we also spend a lot of time attending Broadway plays and trying new restaurants. The other member of our family is Tucker, our 8-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Tucker is incredibly affectionate and patient with children.

Our hobbies:

Neritan loves to explore New York City, talking long walks through the streets, seeing plays and musicals, and visiting all the amazing museums. He also likes gardening, particularly vegetables and herbs. Chris is happiest in the kitchen, and he’s always trying new recipes. (His specialties are home-made pizza and pasta.)
We both love to travel and discover different corners of the world — and we can’t wait to share these adventures with our child. Neritan’s family lives in Europe, and we visit at least once a year, enjoying beautiful and relaxing seaside vacations in Albania and Greece. A few years ago, Neritan’s job sent him to Australia, where we lived for four months.

Our message to you:

We have so much to be grateful for, but we feel our family is not complete. The opportunity to watch a child grow and see the world through his or her unspoiled eyes would mean so much to us.
We understand the challenges of raising children and giving them the tools they need to succeed. We believe in spirituality, and in helping a child become a good and moral person.
We believe, above all, in the power of unconditional love; of embracing and celebrating difference; and encouraging young people to chase their dreams.
We want very much to bring a child into our home and our hearts. He or she will have a loving, secure home full of laughter and hugs, and will be loved in every possible way.
We wish you the very best in your plans for the future, and please don’t hesitate to contact us or our agency if you have any questions.

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