Clara & Ryan

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Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about us and consider us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child. We hope that through our words and photos you will see who we are and what we value in life. We are excited to become parents and welcome a child into our home and family.

Our Story

We officially met at a trivia night out with our church at a local pub, where Clara’s team narrowly edged out Ryan’s team for the win. After dating for 2 years, we got married and began our adventure together. After 4 happy years of marriage, we hope to begin the next chapter of our adventure. We have so much love for each other that we hope to share that love with a child.

About Clara
Clara is the most beautiful person, both inside and out. Her smile lights up the room and her hospitality makes any place she’s with you feel like home. She’s a lot like a sunflower. Clara will make an incredible mum because of her welcoming and loving nature, her advocacy for what is fair and true, and her ability to see and expect the very best in people. This is evident in every class Clara teaches, where children of all ages show her their gratitude with thank you notes and doodles, hugs and handshakes, and the occasional “I love you, Ms. Clara” to which Clara happily responds “I love you too”.

About Ryan
Ryan will be a great dad. He is a perfect combination of fun-loving and responsible. When he’s with our two nephews, Ryan is much in demand as the reigning wrestling champion. They love to sit on Ryan’s shoulders and swing on his arms. Ryan brings that same sense of fun to our marriage. He will drive our little dog down to pick me up from work at the end of a long day, just to put a smile on my face. Ryan is loyal and committed to his family, Clara, his best friend since middle school, and to his beloved baseball team, the Mets.

About us

Saturday mornings you’ll find us dancing to vintage soul and classic R&B on the radio in the kitchen as we cook together pancakes and bacon or a traditional British breakfast. We value the connection between family, culture, and food, and we celebrate our Filipino, British, and American food traditions.
We’re big sports fans and when we can’t attend live games you’ll hear us cheering loudly from our living room. Ryan is a loyal Mets fan and Clara has been a fan of Liverpool Football (soccer) Club since she was a child.
Our loves of food, sport, and travel culminate in our vacations, where we love to try the local food, see the sights, and attend sporting events such as the 2012 Olympics in London, Tour de France, Wimbledon and the US Open.

Our Family

Both Ryan and Clara come from close, loving families with many aunts, uncles, and cousins, across the world from New Jersey to Australia! Ryan’s Mom and Dad were born in the Philippines and immigrated to New Jersey 35 years ago. They retired recently after careers in healthcare and are eagerly awaiting the adoption of their first grandchild. Ryan’s sister is a nurse and lives near us in the town where they grew up. She is a generous godmother and excited to spoil her niece or nephew. Every summer we visit Clara’s family in England. Clara has an older sister, whose two sons look forward to wrestling with Ryan and swimming in the sea with us. Three of Clara’s cousins grew their families through adoption and the whole family is thrilled to welcome a new addition!

Our Friends and Community

Many of our friends are talented artists, musicians, teachers, and writers with whom we work to make our community a more beautiful place. The way they care for their families and our community inspires us in how we want to raise our family. Their doors are always open to us and they know that our door and home is always open to them. Since Clara’s family and Ryan’s parents live so far away, we often celebrate major holidays with our friends in the area – our extended family.

We’re fortunate to live in an area and to be part of a church where there is a lot of diversity and many multi-racial families – like us. We’re thrilled to welcome a child of any race or gender into our home and community. We love our neighborhood and have lived here since we got married. It has a small community feel while being part of a large, multi-cultural city. In addition to our backyard, there are two parks on our street with children’s playgrounds, where we look forward to playing with our child.

Our Dog

Chalupa (Lupe for short) is our 14 year old dachshund/chihuahua. She came to us after living with Ryan’s parents for 10 happily well-fed years. Though well into her silver years, she still enjoys walks in our local parks and sunbathing in the backyard. She enjoys a gentle stroke and a good belly rub.

Our Love of Art & Music

We both create art in our jobs. Clara splits her time as the art teacher for grades 4-8 and as the teacher of pre-school children. Ryan is the music director at our church and plays in 2 local bands. Both of us volunteer with a local mentoring program, teaching art and music. Sometimes our work as artists overlaps. On a missions trip to India, we worked together to teach the children of a village Sunday school songs with accompanying dance moves and sign language.

Our Message to you

We’re so grateful to have this opportunity to share our story with you. Thank you. We hope you’re able to see our love for each other and the ways in which we can share it with your child. We can’t imagine what you’re going through or what you’re feeling right now. What we do know is that you have been courageous to consider adoption for your child. We have been and will continue to pray for you and your child as you make this hard decision.

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