Elaine & Mike

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Our names are Mike, Elaine, and Mikey. We are so grateful for this opportunity to introduce ourselves. If placed in our family, your child will grow with the knowledge that he or she is adopted and will understand adoption to be an act of love.

About Us

We were married in August 2005, on possibly the hottest day of the year! Within two years, we wanted to start a family. After realizing that we were unable to have children biologically, we felt called to adopt. Our relatives and friends were with us every step of the way.

In November of 2014, we were blessed with the adoption of our son, Michael. His health and happiness mean everything to us. It is a joy to watch him grow and change.

We both work full-time, Elaine as a teacher and Mike as a talent acquisition manager. During Elaine’s work day, Mikey attends a local preschool. Elaine and Mike’s careers permit them to successfully balance work and family through generous vacation time, weekends, early evenings and sick leave. Time together is the most important aspect of our family life.

Family Life

Elaine treasures learning and continually encourages Mikey to talk and explore. She loves to explain new ideas to him and to help him try novel experiences. Elaine involves Mikey in cooking and housework, crafts and games. Mikey is a very athletic and active child; Elaine plans plenty of time for him to run and release energy.

As an avid sports fan and college athlete, Michael has taught Mikey how to swing a bat and kick a soccer ball. Mike recently taught Mikey to identify some of the presidents on U.S. coins. Most importantly, no one can make Mikey giggle like his daddy!

We value open communication and discussions in all of our relationships, from Mike and Elaine’s marriage, to each of our relationships with Mikey, to our connections with family and friends.

Together, this family of three has enjoyed time in Disney World, weekends at the beach and the lake, and day outings to zoos and museums. We also love to “take it easy” with an afternoon of PlayDoh and movies. Mike, Elaine and Mikey all have so much love to give; we look forward to new excursions and experiences as a family of four!

Our Friends and Family

Our family and friends are all very excited to welcome a second child into our lives. Most of our relatives live near us and all of them look forward to having a new member in our extended family. Mike has two sisters, Christine and Maureen. Christine is getting married in September 2017, and Maureen is married with two young boys. Elaine has two brothers, Domenick and Thomas. Domenick is married with one young son and another child on the way, while Thomas is engaged to be married in May of 2018. Mike and Elaine are good friends with all of their siblings and cherish the wonderful connections between Mikey and his cousins. We have many family friends and neighbors with young children and enjoy socializing with them on a regular basis. Also, this socialization has shown us how wonderful Mikey will be as a big brother; he is especially gentle with babies (and pets)!

Our Home and Community

We live in a single family home in a tight-knit suburban neighborhood. We frequently celebrate holidays and special moments with our neighbors, including an annual Easter egg hunt, trick-or-treating, BBQs and pool parties. Our town features excellent schools and top-notch medical facilities. As members of our local church, we enjoy involvement in our parish. Most of our family, and many of our friends, live in our town or in nearby communities.

Our Message to You

We have the greatest respect for your decision to choose adoption for your child. Please know that if you choose us for your child, he or she will be loved unconditionally and raised with only the highest esteem for you and your choice. We look forward to talking with you and opening communication to meet your comfort level. Our love and prayers are with you.

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