Hallie & Chris

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Hi and thank you for reading our profile. We are so excited to welcome a new baby to our family and will promise to love and cherish this child to the ends of the earth and raise this child with eternal love and guidance. We encourage and welcome any questions you may have, and we hope by reading this, you get a sense of who we are and how much love and support we have to share and what this adoption really means to us.

About us

We met on a dating website and love was in the air! Within one year we were engaged to be married. The wedding was beautiful, set on the water surrounded by all of our family and friends, what a day! One of our fondest memories is our beautiful trip to the Dominican Republic where we honeymooned.

We always knew we wanted a baby, and our 10-year-old son Richie continually mentions how he can’t wait to have a brother or a sister to love. We were lucky enough to be able to build a new home in a wonderful neighborhood, where we have set roots, and are surrounded by friendly neighbors, lots of children, parks and activities. As a matter of fact, two of our close friends/neighbors just had baby.

Hallie (by Chris)
Hallie is a litigation paralegal for a prestigious law firm close to home. She loves helping people and is very dedicated both at home and at work. She loves teaching our son new things and guiding him through life. She has a passion for animals (we have a loving bulldog and two adorable shih tzus!). She enjoys her free time with the dogs, exercising with them and going to the parks. She and our son take lots of walks with them, and engage in fun activities. She was raised by two loving parents to be a strong, smart independent person and is admired by most. Having a new baby would be such a blessing and joy in her life. Even though she has so much to be thankful for we both agree that our life still isn’t complete. We long for this baby, to add more joy and laughter and fulfillment to our family and for Richie to love, adore and to make new memories with.

Chris (by Hallie)
Nothing has come easy for Chris. He has worked hard his entire life and it shows! He has focused his recent endeavor with a charitable family business which affords him many opportunities. He has a very flexible work schedule, which also affords him a valuable home and work balance. Chris has a way of comforting anyone at anytime even under the harshest of circumstances. I am comforted in the fact just by how has raised our son and how he has grown over the years, that he will a great father to this new baby. His patience with children is astounding, it never ceases to amaze me. He loves sporting activities (baseball, football and basketball); he played many sports and is heavily involved in our son’s sporting activities. He also enjoys working out (he set up a complete workout room in our basement), cooking healthy meals and loves a good movie! He will do anything for anyone and expect nothing in return.

Family Life

We both have a deep desire to adopt a baby. This new baby will have a wonderful family to enter into with traditions most of which start in our home. We enjoy decorating for all the holidays and our son loves to pick out new fun decorations and put them up.

Our home is situated in south jersey in a great neighborhood. Our friends have provided so much support through our adoption process and we cannot be grateful enough. The support network is something we are very thankful for and are very lucky to have great friends. All of our neighbors look out for each other, help each other during bad weather and snow, and also love to get together for BBQ’s and other events. Our parents visit often and are a very big part of our lives. Chris’ mother is in the childcare industry and loves taking care of children. Hallie’s mother has worked in the school system teaching children for over 17 years, and her father just recently retired from the banking industry. She and her father cannot be more excited about this adoption. They are overwhelmed with joy.

In Closing, Our Message to You

Thank you for reading our profile. Please know we are very grateful for the sacrifice you are making and we promise to provide a loving and supportive home for your baby and he or she would be a complete blessing to our lives. We welcome any questions you may have and hope that you find comfort and peace in this journey. Thank you again- Hallie, Chris and Richie.

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