Jesse & Chris

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About us

We have been together for almost ten years and recently married. Chris has been teaching special education for 11 years, while Jesse works from home as a user experience designer for a large bank. In our spare time, we go on many adventures together, such as hiking, camping, vacations, and restaurants (we love to eat and experience different types of cuisines). We also love to just sit home and have a movie night with friends. We have so much to be grateful for, but have felt for a long time that something was missing. We realized that the missing piece was a child of our own. We will provide a loving home, full of laughter, hugs, and security. We will love and adore your child each and every day.

Jesse (as written by Chris):
He is a kind, warm person who is looking forward to becoming a dad. He is generous, thoughtful and has a natural ability to make everyone feel comforted and loved. Jesse grew up in rural New Jersey, with his parents and brothers. He is easy-going, and loves riding and training our two horses. From his love of arts, his ability to write music, and his passion for nature and animals, Jesse can be described as well rounded. He will share his sense of adventure, creativity and love with your child. He has an office at home where he works his 9-5, or pursues his hobbies of writing and playing music, and photography. He is a self taught designer and coder and is always learning something new. In becoming a parent, he is most looking forward to sharing traditions from his childhood like road trips, holidays, campfires, and annual family vacations. Jesse is unbelievably creative and inspires me every day with his passions and life in general.

Chris (as written by Jesse):
Chris is just awesome. I don’t know what I would do without him. He has more patience than any other person I know. From being such a great cook to giving advice on just about anything, he is truly my best friend. I know he will be an amazing father. Not only because of personality, but in how he lives his life. Chris is a special education teacher who truly loves his students and fights for what’s best for them. The baby will have his or her biggest cheerleader on their side every day of their life. Chris is an active person, from learning a new recipe to riding his bike, he would have a ton to share and teach to our new addition when he/she arrives. Chris always puts family first and is an amazing uncle to our niece and nephew.

Family Life:

Both sides of our families welcome anyone and everyone. There is always so much love and laughter when we are together and we try to see each other as often as possible. Our home is always the place our loved ones gather for holidays, BBQs, and family dinners. A new child would instantly become a loved member of an extended family that includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and a brand new cousin who is on the way this fall!

Our home:

We live on a small farm! Our farm is about 8 acres of fields and a stream, which horses, chickens, and ducks also call home. It is always tons-of-fun and there is plenty to see and do. It is also a peaceful place to sit back and relax. We spend many mornings in our backyard eating breakfast (with the fresh eggs from our chickens!) and just enjoying the scenery. We can’t forget our best friends as well, 3 rescue pups, Sully, Luxie and Bodie. They are the three most loving, nurturing pups you’ll ever meet. Our home is a beautiful place in which we cherish. We feel very lucky to have it and it is perfect for a child to grow up here.

Our message to you:

Our goal is to provide a life where a child feels secure in the love and support of our family. Your child will always know how important you are to us, how much you love them, and the gift you gave us in completing our family. Starting with an “Our family story” book which we will create over the years to help explain who your child is and were they came from.

We are excited to start this process together with you! We care about you and will want to plan for future contact, however we will respect any wishes you may have. It is difficult to find words to describe the amazing gift being chosen as adoptive parents of your child. We can tell you that your child will be the center of our universe!!!

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