Joanie & Joey

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We are Joanie and Joey and we are so excited to become parents for the first time. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and consider us as parents to your child. We are ready to dedicate our lives to raising and loving a son or daughter through adoption.
Surrounded by love and laughter, we will provide your child a safe, loving and nurturing family. We realize this may be the most important decision you’ve ever made. We know you want what is best for your child and we hope you will find peace in this decision. It is our hope that you can see the love we have for each other and how excited we are to share that love with a child. Know we will love your child unconditionally.

About Us… Our Story

We met eleven years ago while attending college. A friend introduced us and as soon as we met we were inseparable and have been ever since! For our first date Joey wanted to take Joanie out to eat somewhere fancy, but Joanie just couldn’t miss the series finale of Friends! So … Our very first date was watching the series finale of Friends and ordering food in our dorm room and it couldn’t have gone any better! We ended up staying up all night just talking and talking. When it came with such ease we knew this relationship was something special. About three years later Joey proposed and our wedding day was just as Joanie imagined it… straight out of a fairytale. We have an incredible marriage based on love and friendship. We know we can always be ourselves around each other and tell each other anything. We both come from large loving families and have always had a desire to have children. Family is important to us and we can’t wait to add a little bundle of joy to ours.

Joanie through Joey’s eyes

Joanie will be an extraordinary mom! She always thinks of others and puts their feelings before her own. She is loving, creative, and kindhearted. When Joanie’s aunt passed away Joanie moved in just a few weeks later to help her uncle raise her three little cousins, including her
godson Danny who was just five years old at the time. She was supposed to stay for just the summer as a nanny to help out. She wound up staying for almost three years acting as a caregiver and “mother” figure to her cousins. This really showed me her kind heart and true selflessness. Joanie loves children and has a strong devotion to making sure they are always cared for. As a teacher she will also foster a love of learning in our child. She provides a warm and loving home on a daily basis by making dinner and baking all kinds of treats that make our home smell and feel wonderful to be in. Joanie’s nurturing and dedicated personality is how I know she will make a marvelous mother.

Joey through Joanie’s eyes

Joey will be the perfect Dad! Children are naturally drawn to his easygoing personality. When our friends’ children come over they just starting talking and playing with him instantly. I can’t wait to see him playing with our son or daughter! Whether its teaching them to play catch or playing with Barbie dolls, I know Joey will shine. He is also so incredibly thoughtful, he actually makes me lunch every evening before bed without me even asking. Joey is an amazing person inside and out, and he will support our child in all of their interests and endeavors.

Joey is my absolute best friend! I know I can always be myself around him. He loves to joke around and always makes me laugh! I also know I can always count on him no matter what! I admire his strength and devotion to provide us with a loving and safe home. He is a selfless person always trying to make others happy and he’s an extremely caring and compassionate person. Joey’s gentle yet fun-loving personality is how I know he will be a fantastic father.

Family Life… Life is Sweet!

We enjoy spending time relaxing together, whether it’s cooking dinner or watching TV by our fireplace. We also love attending sporting events; especially baseball, football, and hockey. Joey’s favorite is Ranger games and Joanie’s favorite is Yankees games. We enjoy going on vacations, from weekend trips upstate visiting our grandparents or weeklong trips to the Caribbean. Since Joanie is a teacher we make sure to go away every summer. Whether we’re out and about with friends or relaxing at home we’re always having fun and laughing together.

We also enjoy spending quality time with Joanie’s godson Danny. We like taking him to all different places like Medieval Times, trips to the aquarium, pumpkin picking, and to see the Harlem Globetrotters just to name a few. Another favorite of ours is hosting holidays and parties at our home, where friends and family are always welcome! We can’t wait to add going to the park, the zoo, and play-dates to our daily mix of fun things!

Holidays and Traditions… the More the Merrier!

Holidays are special to us and we love celebrating them! From decorating the house and eating good food, to spending time with family and friends! We love celebrating all holidays and birthdays, but our favorite is Christmas. It starts in early December where the whole family goes
to Joanie’s grandparents house “up the country” to cut down our Christmas tree. Decorating is an all day event while listening to Christmas carols and watching our favorite movie Elf! Homemade treats are also a tradition. Joanie makes her famous broccoli surprise, and there are never any leftovers! Together we make tons of cookies to share with family and friends. Christmas Eve is spent with Joey’s entire family surrounded by tons of homemade Italian cooking! Christmas morning we wake up and open tons of presents and then head over to our Aunt Gloria’s where the whole family goes. Christmas dinner is at our house where the motto is “The more the merrier!” We look forward to having a child to share in all the holiday excitement!

Our Friends and Family

Everyone is anticipating the arrival of the first grandchild. We both have a very strong relationship with our families who surround us with love and support. We are lucky that we live close to them and see them all the time. We both have huge extended families that we see regularly. We’ve gone on numerous vacations together and always have a great time. We spend every holiday with our parents and siblings, surrounded by our huge families. Family traditions are very special to us. Some memorable moments include going apple and pumpkin picking and searching for eggs at our annual Easter egg hunt. We have lots of family traditions that we can’t wait to share with our little one. We each have a close-knit group of friends we enjoy spending our time with. Both of our best friends are also our cousins. We each have childhood friends we remain close with as well as our college friends we see regularly. With our friends we enjoy going to different sporting events, parties, and dinners together. We also love spending time with all of our friends’ children. Our friends are so eager for us to welcome a new baby to the group and raise our children together. We consider our friends a part of our close family!

Our Home and Community

We have a beautiful four-bedroom home with a large backyard, located on a quiet street in a cute neighborhood close to family, friends, schools, and parks. We especially love our open kitchen, which leads into our huge rustic and comfortable family room with a fireplace where we love to spend most of our time together. Our backyard has tons of room for children to play and has the perfect spot for a big swing set! We have a wonderful community of friends and family who are thrilled to welcome a child into their lives. Joanie’s best friend lives at the end of our block! Our safe suburban community offers tons of recreational activities for families and children. The annual Christmas parade and big fireworks display are two we never miss. We are so excited to start our family here and we can’t wait to set up our son or daughters’ nursery, as we already have the themes picked out.

Our Message to You

From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you for considering us as parents. We promise to shower your child in hugs, kisses, and tons of “I love yous.” We want you to know your child will be loved and cared for unconditionally. We will be there every step of the way as he or she
grows up. We will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, safety, and happiness we can offer.

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