John & Cheryl

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Hello! We are John and Cheryl. Thank you for taking a look at our profile and we hope you enjoy reading about our family and the enthusiasm we have for our young family to grow through adoption. Adoption is involved in both of our families already, so it something we are familiar with and already honor in our hearts. We share an amazing marriage and are very excited and ready to welcome a child into our home.

About Us

We have a special bond that lasts through the good days and the bad days. We are always there for one another for support and stability. Adoption is something we have both always wanted for our family. We have always known adoption was meant to be for us. We are always honest in our home and in our lives and the adoption of our child will be exactly the same. Always honest…

About John (as told by Cheryl)
Some people say as with many things in life – you cannot always have the best of both worlds. The truth is, I have that in John. I feel like I hit the lottery with his level of compassion, understanding, and sensitive nature. Yet, that very same man is the one who changes my oil, fixes everything in the house when it is broken, and operates cranes all day and night at work. He makes me laugh, is there for me when I am sad or going through anything tough, and never judges me in any way. I am proud of John every day for how hard working he is.

About Cheryl (as told by John)
I always dreamed about finding that someone you can’t live without. That’s when I met Cheryl. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t want her by my side. She is such a hardworking, accepting, thoughtful, and loving woman. I see her with our nephews and how they are when they are around her. I know she is going to make such a great mother. She definitely makes a home feel like just that. I always want to be around her and I know our children will too. I married my best friend and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

Family Life

We love to embrace the simple joys in life. Everything we do together is great. Sometimes something as simple as catching a movie or TV show is just perfect. We have dinner together at night after work and it always allows us to talk about life and our days. When we can – we love to travel and our child will definitely have vacations in his or her future. Every year, no matter what, we attend a big family vacation in Southern NJ to enjoy the shore and family time – there are just about 50 people, sometimes more who attend this vacation!

Our Friends and Family

Our family is the best we could ever picture. Ours is large, close-knit, funny, loving – and most importantly – ALWAYS ready and waiting for new additions. Though our family is large they make such a big deal over all the kids. The holidays and birthdays in our family are all about kids, and we cannot wait to bring our addition one day soon! We get together for all major holidays and birthdays. It makes everything even more amazing that our family is all close by so gatherings are almost always attended by everyone in the family.

We both have one other sibling and three nephews total. Our nephews are all three years old and under and they cannot wait to share their energy, love, and tons of toys with a new cousin. We have so many aunts and uncles ready to meet our addition as well. Thanks to Grandma C (Cheryl’s mom) our child will never need to head to day care at all. And luckily, if Grandma is not available we have so many cousins and our siblings who are ready to jump right in and help with childcare if we are both at work.

Our friends cannot wait for us to have our family grow. Almost all of our friends have young children or are currently expecting the birth of their child. We have had the same friends for decades, some even since elementary school age. It is so awesome to grow up together and now see our friends as amazing husbands, wives, and parents.

Our Home and Community

We own a three bedroom ranch in a great town which has strong public schools, parks, places to go walking, and fun places for children. We have a big backyard with plenty of room to run around and put up a swing set or any other fun yard toys! We have really friendly and accepting neighbors on all sides. There is not a lot of traffic in our neighborhood, it is very safe, and always has been. We live about five minutes away from Grandma C and Grandpa C. They have a local beach one house away that Cheryl grew up going to everyday in the summer. We also live only ten minutes from the ocean so our child will have every opportunity to experience the shore life.

Our Message to You

We want to thank you for getting to know a little bit more about us. Our lives are filled with love, commitment, laughter, and hustle. If you decide we are the best fit for your child there are some things we can guarantee from our hearts to your heart… Once there is a child in our home they will always come first. There will be an instilled level of love and consistency in their life – he or she will never wonder what or who they are coming home to. They will always know we will be there waiting for them. We will always make their interests our interests and they will know they matter more to us than anything or anyone else in the world. Growing up is not always easy and we will be there for every sleepless night, skinned knee, and tough day at school. Growing up is also always endless fun and memories and we will be there for every smile, birthday party, movie night, vacation, and day at the park.

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