Karen & Charlie

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We recognize that adoption is a special opportunity to provide a loving home for a beautiful child. Although we are grateful for what we do have and our loving relationship with each other, our dream is to adopt and complete our family.
Charlie is a trained chef, therefore, nutrition and good food is a large focus of our lives. Karen teaches middle school and first grade music, and works as a church music director. Although our interests and personalities are very different, we balance each other and share a wonderful love. Our common ground is good values, the importance of family and friends, connection to our community, and following our hearts in pursuing a family through adoption.

About Us

About Karen (by Charlie)
Karen will be a great mom when we adopt and will share her love of music with our child! What attracted me to Karen was her “down to earth”, honest, caring and sweet personality.
Karen is very passionate about her work as a music teacher, theater music director, and church music director/organist. She is always receiving beautiful cards from her students and choir members, praising her for her encouraging and positive nature and commenting on the impact she has made in their lives.
Karen’s love for children is also evident whenever she is with our niece Ella (2) and nephews John (13) and Michael (10). She loves them, and “lights up” whenever she is around them. Family is important to Karen and she is very close to her mother, brother and sister. Karen’s father was a music teacher and great influence in her life. Sadly he passed away approximately 10 years ago.
Karen also loves travel, reading, theater, fitness, and eating my food. She also volunteers her time with organizations that help homeless families, as well as many church and school functions.

About Charlie (by Karen)
Charlie will be a wonderful dad to the child we adopt and will feed our baby homemade baby food he prepares himself!
Charlie is sweet, kind, honest, fun, “laid back”, and down-to-earth. Although he has some ambitious goals, including owning his own business, Charlie knows how to enjoy the simple things and is very content to relax and sit by a fire, cook for a few friends, and “hang-out”.
Charlie began working for his father in the transportation industry. With his father he had the privilege of meeting clients at high-end restaurants. It was during this time that he developed his interest in food. Charlie is a graduate of the world-renowned French Culinary Institute and has spoiled me with delicious meals and great food. He has worked at many farmers markets in the New York City area presenting cooking demos which have featured market produce and farm-fresh products. Processed food is not part of his culinary vocabulary, and Charlie is already planning on making his own baby food. He is currently working in sales for a major cookware company and is in the process of starting his own specialty food products business.

Family and Friends

We are blessed to have a large support system of family, friends and community who can’t wait for us to adopt!
Charlie is the oldest of three. His sister Karyn and her husband John have two sons, John (13) and Michael (10), who love playing sports, and going on trips with the Boys Scouts. They will be terrific cousins to the child we adopt. Charlie’s parents, Charles and Marie, and brother Steven live nearby and enjoy visits with their children and grandchildren. Charlie’s cousins Bill and Andrea are also an important part of family get togethers and events. Bill was Charlie’s best man and was one of Charlie’s closest childhood friends.
Karen is the oldest of three children. David and his wife Elizabeth live in the San Francisco area with daughter Ella (2). Karen’s younger sister Jessica lives in the Savannah, Georgia area. Although we do not live close we always make a strong effort to get together whenever we can. Karen’s mom Edie lives nearby and will be a wonderful grandmother to the child we adopt. Thanksgiving is a holiday when we love to get together with our cousins and extended family.
Through our many pursuits and paths, we have acquired a large circle of friends who have become an important support in our lives and a big fan club for our adoption. Through the church and school community we have also developed many valued friendships.

Our Home and Community

We live on a nice quiet cul-de-sac in a suburban neighborhood. Our block has many children to play with, and a beautiful park within walking distance.
Although the schools in the area are highly rated, we also have the option of sending our children to the district Karen teaches in. This district is always one of the top 10 rated statewide, and is always recognized for excellence in both academics as well as extra-curricular programs.

Our Message To You

We promise to honor you as the birth mother of your child and to make adoption a beautiful choice in your child’s life. Our hearts are open to you and to your baby, and we will give all of our love to the precious child we adopt.

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