Kathy & Lee

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read our profile. We have been blessed with a happy and fun life together filled with many adventures, wonderful friends and family members, and careers we enjoy. We cannot wait to share the joy we have with a child. Your child would be cherished and showered with love by us and our close and extended family members. We would always welcome the chance for your child to know you. We admire your strength and courage in considering this difficult decision and pray you have peace with whatever choice you make.

About Us

We grew up in small towns 45 minutes apart just north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where community, family, and faith are important parts of everyday life. We met when we were first-year students at Cornell University when Lee gave Kathy a ride back to school at Thanksgiving and she returned the favor the next spring. We kept running into each other occasionally in various places over the next two years before ending up in the same church handbell choir during our junior year of college. Shortly thereafter, we started dating. A few years later, we got married and have been together ever since.

Today we live in Northern New Jersey where we have an active life filled with many adventures and with careers we find rewarding. Lee has a passion for teaching and is a popular high school computer science and math teacher. He also advises his school’s robotics club and loves helping students conquer new challenges. Kathy has long had a commitment to making a difference in the community. She is a lawyer who works on health policy issues for a pharmaceutical company and enjoys volunteering for local food pantries and other charitable organizations.

About Lee by Kathy

Lee is my soulmate, my best friend, and the love of my life. Aside from his good looks and charm, what first attracted me to Lee was how much I enjoyed spending time with him. We have always had fun together, whether it is just sitting at home or heading off on vacation. I have always been attracted by his creativity and his love of teaching. Whether it is designing beautiful flower beds at home or at our church or coming up with a way to help his students make their robot work, he always amazes me. Lee can’t wait to share his love of education with a child. He will give your child lots of love, help them enjoy many adventures, always be their biggest protector, and ensure they have every opportunity to succeed in life.

About Kathy by Lee

I fell in love with Kathy for too many reasons to count. But at the top of the list was her caring, generous and compassionate nature. She has the ability to open her heart like a flower to every creature, great or small. I also couldn’t escape being drawn in by her enthusiasm for life and her desire to live life to the fullest. Life with Kathy is never dull and is always filled with much joy. She will be a wonderful and fun mother who will cherish and nurture a child and make sure they feel loved and secure. She will teach them to have faith in God, show love for others, enjoy life, make the most of their opportunities, and to pursue their dreams.

Family Life

Our life together is filled with much fun and activity, and we cannot wait to share many of our adventures with a child. Some of our favorites, include:

  • Going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC every year
  • Taking in the sites in NYC at Christmastime
  • Taking annual vacations to Southern California, which always include a stop at Disneyland
  • Making an annual ski trip to Vermont
  • Seeing Broadway shows
  • Going to major and minor league baseball games, especially seeing the NY Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Going to NFL and college football games — the NY Giants and Rutgers top our list
  • Visiting the monuments and museums in Washington, DC where we lived for several years

Our pets are important to us too. We enjoy our cats and our lovebirds and look forward to sharing our love for our pets with a child.

We also look forward to having a child involved in our church’s family ministries. Our Christian faith and membership in a church community have always been very important to us. For several years we taught second and third graders in Sunday School, and we look forward to having a child experience the joy of being part of a church family.

Our Home and Community

We live in a spacious four-bedroom house in a development surrounded by golf courses and a large ski resort. Many children live in the development, and they enjoy many outdoor activities. We have a nice yard where a child can play, and we have plenty of space inside for a child to enjoy their toys and have play dates with their friends.

Some of our favorite things to do in our area that we can’t wait to share with a child:

  • Going to the drive-in movies in the summer
  • Swimming at our development’s indoor and outdoor pools
  • Strawberry picking in the summer and apple and pumpkin picking in the fall
  • Participating in family swim and gym activities at our nearby sports club
  • Going to the NJ State Fair in the summer
  • Skiing in the winter
  • Decorating our house for Christmas
  • Hosting Christmas dinner with Lee’s sister and her family and Lee’s mom

Many families with young children come to our area for weekend getaways in the summer and winter, but we’re fortunate to live here year round!

Our Family

Your child would join a large, loving, and close extended family who couldn’t be more excited to meet their newest family member! Lee’s mom and sister live nearby in New Jersey. His sister and her husband have three girls, twins who are six and their older sister who is eight. They will be great big cousins to your child. Lee’s dad lives in Georgia but visits New Jersey several times a year, going out of his way to be a super grandfather. Kathy has a close relationship with her parents and sister who live in Western Pennsylvania and her brother who lives in Nashville, TN. They look forward to visiting your child in New Jersey, and we are excited to take your child to visit them. We are also close to many of our aunts and uncles and enjoy having family picnics and parties at their homes and joining them on trips to NYC. We look forward to having a child join in the fun!

Our Message to You

We believe that God has a way of enabling children to find parents who are out there looking just for them. And, we are so excited to meet the child that God has waiting for us.

We value faith, family, laughter, hard work, adventure, and a positive attitude. As our parents did with us, we will devote our time, energy, and resources to helping your child achieve all that they possibly can in this life.

From the day your child is placed in our arms, we promise to teach your child to:

  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Value their family and friends
  • Appreciate differences in other people
  • Work hard and do their best
  • Care about and show compassion for others
  • Know that they can do anything
  • Believe with God’s help all things are possible

We will cherish, nurture, and love your child unconditionally and make sure they have every opportunity to pursue their dreams. We will provide them with a safe, happy and secure home life, loving and supporting friends and family, a quality education, encouragement to discover their unique talents, fun times and exciting adventures.

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