Keith & Susan

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We are Susan and Keith. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile to get to know us. Words cannot express the respect and admiration that we have for you and the decision you are making. We know that we can never fully understand or imagine the emotions that you are feeling. We are extremely excited at the thought of being parents and look forward to the joys of raising a child. We hope that you will consider us as adoptive parents for your baby.

About Us

We met on blind date set up by a mutual friend. What immediately got Keith’s attention was Susan’s witty personality and how pretty she looked in the purple top she was wearing. It was a great blind date. We had our first real date about two weeks later, which included going to a holiday party held by a family friend of Susan’s and inadvertently meeting Susan’s parents and some of her closest cousins before we went for dinner. Rumor has it that as soon as we left Susan’s dad (my father-in-law to be) announced to everyone “We’d better start saving those shekels…this is a done deal.” We got engaged about a year-and-a-half later, and married about a year after that, with family LITERALLY from around the world in attendance! (Susan has family everywhere—all over the US, Israel, South America…) So it was a really lively and multilingual celebration—one that continues to this day on holidays and other occasions.

Family Life

We both have siblings whom we love very much. Susan’s sister Lauren was born when I was ten, but despite the big age difference, we grew to be very close. Now that she lives and works in another city, we visit each other when time allows. Now that she has her own kitchen she’ll call or email Susan for baking or cooking advice (the height of a compliment!) which is always fun, especially when she texts or emails photos of the results.

Growing up, Keith shared a room with his brother for a large part of his childhood, which explains their close-knit relationship. They spent many Saturday mornings before cable watching the Superfriends and Scooby Doo, and played many games of Monopoly and Othello as Hearts and Pinochle that they learned from their Grandpa. They’ve maintained a very strong bond. Our niece and nephew play a special role in our lives. Our niece is the apple of our eye, while our nephew is affectionately referred to as “mini-me“ because he looks just like Keith! Our nephew has said many times that “Uncle Keith is my best friend” which is too sweet for words.

The hub of activity in our home is our open kitchen/dining room. This is where Keith and I share meals each day and chat about work, and where our family gathers for weekly get-togethers and holiday parties. One of the things that I’m looking forward to is baking and cooking with my child (at an age-appropriate level, of course!). We also look forward to morphing our family room into a playroom and joining our child in creative play with whatever game they wish to play or explore that day.

Our Friends and Family

Keith and I also have a very special pair of friends in Melissa and Jay and their son, Micah. You cannot find two more unique and incredible people anywhere. We have celebrated every occasion together for the past fifteen years, both good and bad, and we hope to be together for many more. They are considered part of our family and are also eager to help us welcome our child.

We also spend time each weekend with “the cousins”, which is how we referred collectively to Susie’s side of the family. We range in age (now) from early twenties to early forties, but there is a strong bond between us. We’ve attended each other’s bar and bat mitzvahs, various graduations and weddings, weekly summer barbecues and the endless rounds of surprise birthday parties our family enjoys throwing for one another. Our cousins are not merely relatives; they are our friends, too. So it helps that we all live only a few minutes away from one another. Spending weekends with our cousins and their children, or talking to California cousins on the phone (sometimes daily), or hanging out at another cousin’s city apartment on New Year’s, or when cousins from Israel are in town- all of these simple-sounding get-togethers turn into parties. When our niece Logan plays with our cousin’s daughter (the girls are the same age) everyone looks on in delight, because the girls play so nicely together.

Our Message to You

You are one of the most important parts of this process! Everything we’ve learned so far on our journey towards becoming adoptive parents has taught us the importance of making sure that our child is aware and informed both of their birthparents as well as our love for them. We plan to make their adoption “story” a part of their lives as early as possible, perhaps as part of a bedtime story, or in some other relevant, age-appropriate way. We believe that you are giving us a great gift, and if are open to it, we would certainly be open to meeting you. We are absolutely open to developing and maintaining a connection with you after placement, based upon your level of comfort.

There are not enough words to THANK YOU for what you are doing for us- because you are helping us build our family. Without you, none of this would be possible.

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