Kristen & Jay

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Hello, we are Kristen and Jay. The passion we have in our hearts to have a child through adoption is what has led us here and more importantly, has led us to you. We can’t imagine what a difficult decision this must be for you but want you to know that should you select us as your adoptive parents, we will ensure that your child has a life filled with love, laughter, family, a good education and the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. We will be open and honest with your child to let them know that they were adopted. We will ensure they understand what a true blessing and gift you have given to us and how eternally grateful we will always be to you.

About Us

We met at our workplace many years ago. We started dating and enjoyed things like walks in the park, playing golf, going to the movies, reading on the beach, and cheering for our favorite sports teams. We got married in July of 2008 down the Jersey shore surrounded by our families and close friends. Today, we still have a lot of the same interests but we have since added spending time with our loving puppy (Teddy) and giving back to others in the community. We are active members in our local Rotary Club which is all about service to others and helping those less fortunate. A lot of the activities in the Rotary Club focus on activities to help less fortunate children which has always been a big passion of ours. We also participate in monthly “Game nights” at a local housing shelter for neglected/abused children. Growing up, we both attended church regularly and our faith remains an important part of our life. We are truly best friends and love spending time together.

About Jay: (in Kristen’s words)
Jay is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. Jay can be silly and playful and he makes me laugh. He is also my shoulder to lean on whenever I need support. Jay is wonderful with children and is the absolute “favorite” with all of our friends’ small children. In a lot of ways, he is just a big kid himself.

Jay loves watching and playing sports. As he grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, he is a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Jay is very athletic and enjoys playing golf, basketball and football. Jay has coached little league and youth basketball and he also completed certification for a mentoring program to sponsor underprivileged youth.

Jay is a very hard worker and loves his job but at the same time is able to balance his work life with his family life. He works as a Vice President in a Sales and Marketing division of a global company. Jay is someone that truly just loves life and loves his family and makes the most of every day.

About Kristen: (in Jay’s words)
Kristen came into my life and my world changed. She is outgoing and loves to meet new people. She loves watching sports and enjoys the outdoors including playing golf, skiing or taking walks. She prefers the warm weather, especially relaxing on the beach and reading a good book. Travel is one of her passions and she’s been very fortunate to have seen a lot of different places in the world.

Kristen is a strong, smart woman with a successful career as a Manager of Finance but is not consumed by her work. Family is a priority and her strong desire to have a child has become a crusade.

She has a big heart with an insatiable desire to help others. She learned from her parents to be kind to others, to respect and to care about everyone and to give back. Her selflessness and compassion allows her to show her love, charity and concern for all children, family, friends and even strangers. I love everything about her; the good, the better and the best!

Our Home & Community

We own a single family home in the suburbs of New Jersey. We have a large fenced in backyard with a deck and above ground pool where we spend a lot of our time during the summer months. We enjoy entertaining family and friends on the deck or just running around the back yard with our puppy, Teddy. We live in a very safe, quiet and beautiful neighborhood. Our neighborhood is great for taking walks with our puppy or taking a bike ride and is filled with families raising young children. Our town has a great school system and we are only minutes away from beautiful parks, shopping and restaurants. Our small town brings the community together for festivals, holiday activities, parades and summer fairs.

Our Friends and Family

We both come from a big family and are all very close with one another. Family is extremely important to us and our child would be part of a wonderful extended family that would always love and support them. Kristen grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey with both of her parents and is the youngest of four sisters. Jay grew up in the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania with both his parents and four siblings who consist of 3 sisters and one brother.

Kristen’s parents live near the Jersey shore. Two of Kristen’s sisters are married and both have two children. Jay has a very close relationship with his siblings. All four of his siblings still live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and all have children.

We all really enjoy spending time together and often make plans to vacation together or get together just because we love to spend time together. We love hosting the holidays at our home for our families. Holidays are filled with good food, lots of laughter and just true family fun.

Our newest member of the family is our puppy, Teddy. He is playful, loving and is great with kids.

Our Message to You

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. Our life together is filled with love, laughter and friendship and we would love the opportunity to share our life and our unconditional love with a child. Should you decide that we are the right fit for you and your child, rest assured, your child will be raised in a loving environment, will receive many of life’s wonderful gifts and will receive the support needed to face life’s many challenges. We would welcome the opportunity to keep you updated on your child should you so choose.

We would love to speak or meet with you.

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