Mary & Damon

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Hi! Thank you so much for considering us as you make this difficult decision. We are so excited to become parents for the first time and are so grateful to you for making the most selfless, loving, and courageous choice of your life. Since we plan to openly communicate with the child his/her adoption story, please know that you will always have a special place in our hearts and in the child’s life.

About Us

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party almost ten years ago and have been inseparable ever since. After dating for a few years and eventually moving in together, Damon proposed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. Since Mary was born and raised in Italy, Damon wanted to make the proposal as romantic as possible and be able to celebrate with Mary’s Italian family afterwards. Two years later, it made sense to return to Italy and get married there. Although we enjoy traveling, visiting with family on the weekends, going out with friends, or going to the movies, we are most happy when we are cuddling on the couch after one of Mary’s home-cooked meals.

Damon says:
“Mary has been a high school educator for nearly 15 years and absolutely loves her job. Mary is cheerful and tries to always see the good in people and make the best out of every situation. She is a loving, passionate, and charismatic person that comes from a tight knit family. She also enjoys curling up with a good book, playing the piano, bargain shopping for just about anything, and constantly trying out new recipes to make healthier versions of her mother’s traditional Italian dishes. She is so nurturing, I know she will make an amazing mother one day. “

Mary says:
“Everyone who meets Damon is immediately drawn to his charming sense of humor. He has a big heart and will jump in to help just about anyone in need. He is very honest and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a kid at heart and is incredibly playful with both children and adults. Damon’s eyes soften and light up every time he is near a child. He is beyond ready to be a Dad and I know he will welcome each challenge that fatherhood brings. As a third generation plumber, he is skilled at his job and can figure out how to fix or put together practically anything around the house. He has been a sports fanatic his entire life and has been a loyal fan of the Philadelphia teams and the Boston Red Sox since he was little. He is also the biggest Star Wars fan and has devoted an entire room in our house to Star Wars memorabilia!

Family Life – Our Friends and Family:

We have a very supportive family and close circle of friends who look forward to watching us become parents and help in any way possible. We always tell people that Mary’s family (her parents, older brother, and two beautiful nephews) resembles that of TV show’s “Everybody Loves Raymond”: they love hard, will always put our needs ahead of their own, are overprotective, but at the end of the day, they have hearts of gold. Not a day goes by when we don’t talk to them and check in. Many families have a weekly “Sunday dinner,” but in Mary’s Italian family, “Sunday dinner” is often an eight hour event filled with laughter, enough food to feed an army, and flailing arms and gestures as Mary’s parents try to communicate with Damon in broken English.
Although Damon’s mother and brother live across country, we visit with them on holidays and as much as possible. They speak on the phone daily and are looking to move closer soon. Damon’s sister and husband live 15 minutes away from us and we often “double date” with them.

Our Home and Community:

We recently bought our 4-bedroom home in a quiet, safe, suburban neighborhood in New Jersey with a large backyard. When we imagine how much life, laughter, and excitement a bustling child will bring to our spacious home, our hearts melt at the thought. Whether it’s snowflakes, hearts, or pumpkins, Mary gets excited for just about every holiday, for a chance to decorate our home. Last Fall, we spent three days making Minions out of pumpkins so that the neighborhood children could enjoy them.

Our Message to You:

We cannot wait to make a child the center of our world and cherish him/her every single day for the rest of our lives. We hope that we were able to convey that we have a strong, loving marriage and a love for children. We are able to offer the child a nurturing, warm home and instill strong family values. We will teach the child to be kind, patient, honest, and loyal. The child will be provided for, but will also understand the importance of hard work in achieving goals and becoming independent. Whether the child decides to attend college or pursue a trade, we value education and plan to support the child’s decision along the way. Thank you for spending some time getting to know us and reading our profile!

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