Melissa & Jason

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We are Melissa and Jason and we would like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for the beautiful child that you are carrying. Allow us to share with you a bit about ourselves in hopes that you will know us the way our family and friends do—as a loving, happy couple with strong values and appreciation for what family means and the desire to cherish every moment with them.

About Us

We met seventeen years ago and were childhood sweethearts! We were married in October 2003 in Philadelphia and have grown closer with each coming year and one of our strongest qualities is how often we talk and listen to each other. We have been trying to add to our loving family for almost eight years. Our chances of conceiving on our own were cut in half when Melissa had to undergo emergency surgery which led us to the fertility route. After a few years of being on the fertility roller coaster of emotions, we finally became pregnant! We were filled with so much joy to find out we were expecting, only to have lost our precious gift-to-be in six weeks time. It was earth shattering and heartbreaking and to this day we still struggle. It is now four years later and our hopes and dreams are just as strong in making our family complete.

About Melissa (in Jason’s words)
Melissa is very caring and nurturing and will be an excellent mother. She is hard working, highly motivated and has a smile that lights up a room. She loves to bake, especially around the holidays and has a passion for writing. Melissa has the kindest heart and looks forward to becoming a mother.

About Jason (in Melissa’s words)
Jason is a passionate and dependable person with good family values. He has a great personality which made me fall in love with him. He is an excellent cook and enjoys watching sports and attending them when possible. Jason will be an excellent father!

Family Life

We enjoy spending time together cooking, going to the movies or just going for long walks. Our favorite vacation spots are the Jersey shore and Pocono Mountains. We host most holidays and enjoy making memories with our families.

Our Friends and Family

We both come from close-knit loving families with strong values. We see our families very often and live close to each other. We enjoy vacationing with them as well as celebrating holiday traditions. We have watched our niece and nephews grow up and enjoy being involved in their activities. We also share a group of friends who are very supportive. It means the world to us to have the love and support from those close to us.

Our Home and Community

We have been in our home for twelve years in a lovely neighborhood. We have a large backyard waiting to be filled with toys. We have a wonderful school system in our community with various parks and recreational centers. Our community including family and friends are very supportive and excited for our journey of adoption.

Our Message to You

We are very grateful to you for spending some time with us here. Our hearts and minds are focused on the day when we can bring a child into our lives. We cannot wait for the time when they will fill up our home with toys, laughter; and of course, some crying. If we are blessed enough to be selected by you, we can assure you that your child will have all the love, support and stability one family can hold.

With respect,
Melissa and Jason

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