Michelle Barry & Timmy

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We understand what an important decision you are trying to make and we want to honor your wishes throughout the adoption process. We realize that you have a lot of love for this baby and that you want only the best for your child. We would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and to show you the love and joy we can offer to this new baby.

We would like to keep our relationship as open as you are comfortable with and are happy to share photos, letters, or even visits if you choose. Of course, if you prefer to maintain your privacy, we will respect your choice.

After the birth of our 2-year-old son Timmy, we are unable to have another child. Adopting a baby is our dream and we are very excited to have a new addition to our family. We would cherish this gift and teach our child about the love, hopes, and dreams his/her birthparents hold for the future.

About Us

About Michelle (by Barry):

When I first met Michelle, I was at a restaurant after a Yankees baseball game, in the middle of a contest with my cousin on how long we could go without getting a haircut. Michelle was able to look past my rough appearance and see the genuine person I am inside. She never judges a book by its cover. That is why I know she will be a wonderful mother to any child.

Michelle takes education very seriously and I am always impressed with all she accomplishes with her work as a research scientist helping to find treatments for rare forms of cancer. While I am more unstructured and carefree, Michelle will make sure everything gets done and is on schedule. She is great with finances and places an importance on saving for the future. Michelle always makes sure we have enough to travel and vacation so we can see and experience different places together.

She is very family oriented and is wonderful with children. While most people talk to children and use “baby voices”, Michelle speaks to children like people. I thought this was strange at first but children really open up to her. By the end of the day she will be able to tell me how well each child is doing in school, what subjects they like and what they want to be when they grow up.

Michelle is also very nurturing. If Timmy is tired or not feeling well, he will run to Michelle in order to be held and hugged. She has this way of making him feel protected and secure – she is truly an amazing mother and we want to share that with another addition to our family.

About Barry (by Michelle):

Barry is a devoted husband and father who adores his family. After high school, he worked hard fueling planes at the airport to pay his college tuition and was the first in his family to graduate with a college degree. Yet, he was willing to give all this up without a second thought to be a stay-at-home Dad to our son Timmy. Barry works nights and weekends as a graphic artist which allows him to be at home during the days to care for our son.

Barry and Timmy are nearly inseparable, spending the days playing together at home or the park. Barry is a kid at heart and is great at making up games to play with Timmy. I can’t help but smile when I see Barry pushing Timmy down the hallway in an empty box or laundry basket and Timmy squealing with laughter. Barry is also teaching Timmy to throw and kick a ball.

All of the kids run to greet Barry at family events. He has a large extended family and has always wanted a large family of his own. We hope to expand our family through adoption and have so much love to offer your child.

About Timmy:

Timmy is an active 2 year old boy who enjoys “reading” books, listening to music, and the swings at the park. He likes to help around the house and stands near us when we vacuum, load the dishwasher, and fold clothes. During the week, he plays outside with the kids in the neighborhood who live on our block. On the weekends, he participates in a structured class to socialize with other children. Timmy has taken swim lessons, music class, and is currently going to a little gym where he can climb, jump, and run around. He is a sweet boy who interacts well with other children and would love to have a playmate.

Barry and Michelle have close relationships to our siblings and we want Timmy to have the same bond with a brother or sister of his own. Timmy can’t wait to be a big brother and really likes babies. He will be able to help hold a bottle, get diapers or bibs out, and play simple games with a new baby.

Family Life

Michelle and Barry met by coincidence while we were both out with friends. We happened to be standing near each other in a restaurant and struck up a conversation. Eight years later (and 5 years of marriage), we have traveled the world together and built a happy home.

Barry and Michelle share the child-care responsibilities with Barry at home during the days and Michelle at home in the evenings. On an occasion when we go out alone, a member of our family will babysit for Timmy.

We are down-to-earth people who enjoy spending time together and pancake breakfasts on Sundays. Michelle’s Italian heritage means that anything of importance happens in the kitchen and big meals are a priority. We started a new tradition, cutting down our own Christmas tree. We plan to do this every year.

Our Families & Friends

We both come from tight-knit families and maintain close relationships with our parents and sisters. Barry’s sister, Stacy, is married with a daughter, Kayley. Michelle’s sister, Christa, works for President Obama and lives in Washington DC. We have attended historic events such as the Presidential Inauguration, the Inaugural Ball, and the Easter Egg Roll at the White House together.

Both of our parents are happily married and live nearby. We spend holidays with our families and take vacations together. Each grandparent has a special bond with Timmy sharing an activity they enjoy such as: going to the zoo, growing a pumpkin patch for Timmy at Halloween, or singing songs on the “magic carpet”.

Both of our families considered adopting when we were young and raised us with the belief that adoption is equal to having biological children. In addition, we have many close friends with adopted children or siblings. We have a strong support network to help us welcome this new baby into our lives. If the baby happens to be of a different race, he/she will identify with our cousins and friends of multi-cultural backgrounds.

Our Home & Community

Barry and Michelle own a 3 bedroom, ranch-style house located in a small suburban town in NJ with great public schools. Our home has a large yard with lots of trees. We live on a cul-de-sac with very little car traffic, so it is safe for kids to ride their bikes or scooters near the house. We are very friendly with our neighbors and their kids. We frequently meet outside to talk or watch the kids play together.

We belong to the town pool in the summers and enjoy going to nearby playgrounds. The gazebo located near town hall is where summer concerts are performed and holiday picnics are held for 4th of July. Our family is affiliated with a Christian church where we attend weekly services and participate in holiday activities, such as Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.

Our home away from home:

Michelle’s parents have a shore house on the lagoon where we are always welcome. We enjoy going to the beach together, feeding the ducks on the dock, and soon we will teach Timmy how to fish and catch crabs.

Our Message to You

We sincerely thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. From reading our profile, we hope you can get a sense of our personalities and family life. We hope that you will choose us, and give us this most precious gift. Know that we will raise this new baby with our full love and devotion.

We are committed to both our family and to you. Your child will be proud and respectful of his birthparents and the sacrifice you are making. We will always speak highly of you and maintain whatever type of relationship that you are comfortable with. We want to be considerate of your feelings and needs and would love to hear from you.

Warm Regards,
Michelle and Barry

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