Mike, Melissa & Juliette

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It had been a long journey for us to become parents. Thinking back to when we first began dating, we had a conversation about starting a family. Even at that time in our lives, we knew that no matter what challenges we would face we would pursue being parents together and we did just that. We know that our dream of becoming parents would successfully be fulfilled through adoption and it is. We would not want to take this journey with anyone but each other as our love has continued to grow. Not only did our love grow between us but we opened our hearts to our amazing daughter and are blessed enough to have a wonderful relationship with her birthmother.

We are hopeful in adding a second child to our family and would be honored to do so. Juliette would also love to have a sibling. We feel we would be able to continue to provide a well-rounded, nurturing life to your child as well as our daughter simultaneously. We are open to developing a relationship that will be comfortable for everyone involved. We both plan on taking time off from work during the adoption. We did when our daughter was born and it gave us all such a wonderful bonding experience. We wish for our children to grow up in an environment where learning and playing are both important and they can express who they are in a safe and comfortable place.

About Us

We first began talking on instant messenger over the summer before heading back to college in 1999. We both still cannot agree on who sent who the first message! At the beginning of that semester, Melissa found out that a girl living on her floor in the dorms went to high school with Mike so she inquired about him before she agreed to meet him.

We have now been together for over 16 years, since that first night we met. We were engaged after 4 and ½ years of dating and were married in October 2005. Our wedding was a very special day in our lives. We danced the night away, barely sitting down to eat. The DJ told us he hardly had to work because there was never a lack of people on the dance floor. Our honeymoon was spent traveling around Hawaii on a cruise. It was exciting to see an active volcano and swim with the dolphins!

We are really excited to become parents through adoption for the second time. Being able to share future experiences with both of our children will be very enjoyable and will continue to enrich our lives.

Mike (as seen through Melissa’s eyes):
Mike is a hard-working and dependable man. Mike is a loving, devoted daddy. He loves reading bedtime stories with Juliette, pushing her outside on her tricycle, having family dinners together, playing games and doing puzzles. All of Mike’s love can be seen in his expression just by being in our daughter’s presence.

Melissa (as seen through Mike’s eyes):
Melissa is a generous and caring woman in all she does, which makes her a great mommy. Melissa is thoughtful and loving. She enjoys bath time with Juliette, trick or treating during Halloween and taking selfies together. The interactions that Melissa and our daughter share together show the amount of love between them.

Family Life

Our extended family is an important part of our lives. We are a very close-knit family that love and support each other. Everyone cannot wait to be second time grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles and cousins. A child that comes into this family will be part of many traditions, some of which start at the heart of our own home and those that trickle into our extended family.

Our house is always decorated for holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which we host a party for annually. Christmas Eve with Melissa’s family consists of a customary Italian dinner with Santa making an appearance. Christmas Day with Mike’s family is enjoyed with a traditional Brazilian meal and a game played together.

Our children will be raised Catholic but will be encouraged to explore their own faith as they get older. We hope to instill our values and morals into their lives and create an open environment for them to become their own people. Each of us was raised with different beliefs about religion but that does not prevent us from being spiritual in our own ways and supportive of one another.

Our Friends

Our friends mean the world to us! The support that they have all provided during the adoption of our daughter and are now providing on our journey to adopt our second child is remarkable. We both have smaller immediate families but between our extended family members and our large circle of friends there is no shortage of love and support in our lives. Honestly, our friends are a part of our family!

Our Home and Community

We live in a quiet, suburban neighborhood that is surrounded by lots of trees and pleasant neighbors. We are close to a lot of shopping and restaurants as well as local parks and beaches. Our home is a 4 bedroom, colonial that has a spacious backyard with a patio, pool and lots of room to play outdoor games. We frequently have our family and friends over for BBQ’s and get-togethers, where a wiffleball game or horse-shoes usually breaks out. Juliette and her cousins enjoy playing tee-ball as well!

If we are not in our backyard, we enjoy playing cards, watching movies, dining out and taking vacations. Some of our favorite memories include standing in the mist of Niagara Falls, riding the slides at the waterpark in Jamaica and exploring the beaches in Bermuda. Traveling is important to us and sharing those experiences with our children will be exciting. We loved taking our first family vacation together with Juliette. We enjoyed going to the beach and taking Juliette on the boardwalk rides. We were beyond thrilled when we took our 1st family trip to Disney World in February 2017! The look on Juliette’s face when she met Cinderella was priceless and something we will never forget. Being able to go back to Disney as a family of four will be even more special! Mike is a huge sports fan, both playing and watching. He enjoys attending sporting events and cannot wait to bring his little fans with him to the professional events, for now Juliette watches the games at home with daddy, sporting the team colors! We also went to a local baseball game, Juliette’s favorite part was the mascot! Melissa loves to bake and read. She enjoys reading her favorite books at bedtime to Juliette and would love to have two children to read to. Juliette helped mommy bake Christmas cookies this past year. We look forward to continuing our active lives, especially as a family.

Our Message to You

Making this decision is one of great importance for you. Trust your instincts and take your time searching for a family. If you decide to choose us as the family you continue the adoption process with, please know that we are fully prepared to love your child unconditionally. They will be a welcome addition to the beautiful life we already share together.

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