Noah & Robin

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We are Noah and Robin. We were blessed by the adoption of our daughter Lanie, four years ago and are hopeful to expand our family through adoption again. We appreciate the gift we have been given and are thankful everyday that we are able to live our dream of having a family. We look forward to giving another child a loving family.

About Us

We met through a mutual friend after college. Noah was in law school and I was working as a nurse. We quickly realized we were a perfect fit. We got married after two years of dating and are now married almost 12 years. We adopted Lanie in December of 2010. We love being a family and providing a structured, secure foundation for raising her. We are looking forward to becoming a family of four, as we know it will be such an amazing blessing.

Noah: (Written by Robin)
Seeing Noah as a father makes me love him even more. He enjoys spending his free time with Lanie and they have many Daddy/Daughter activities whether it is making a pizza or going to the park. He is a big kid at heart. He is a fun guy to be around. As a husband he is my partner who I can always depend on for support in good times and in bad. He has a great sense of humor and can make a bad situation better by getting me to laugh. His family looks to him as the peacemaker or problem solver. Our friends and family turn to him for advice often. He is a very caring individual who lives his life by high internal standards. Noah works at a well established global company as an in house lawyer. He has a good work/life balance and has the flexibility to work from home when needed. He provides well for our family so I have the ability to stay home and care for our children until they are older.

Robin: (Written by Noah)
Robin is a great mother, wife, daughter, friend…you name it. She is dearly loved by our family and has a very close knit group of friends since childhood and they universally love her. Robin has an unconditional love for our daughter Lanie and enjoys all the activities that motherhood offers such as being a class parent. She is a nurse and stopped working full time when Lanie was born to stay at home. As Lanie has started pre-school, she has many part time jobs such as substitute nurse in the local schools and working in her old office to cover when co-workers are on vacation. When we adopt again Robin is fortunate to be able to stay home as she did with Lanie.

Lanie is a caring, nurturing, considerate, friendly and outgoing girl who has a great sense of humor. She is always laughing and amazes us everyday with the new things she learns to do and say. She is independent, smart, active, a little bit feisty, and is always so much fun. Lanie is creative, has a great imagination and loves to sing and learn new songs. She is very excited for a baby brother or sister. At pre-school the teacher called her the “mother hen” because she was always looking after others. Whenever children were crying and missing someone, Lanie would put her hands on their shoulders and tell them it would be okay. She will make a great big sister.

Our Friends and Family

We are fortunate to have Robin’s parents live close by. They are retired so they have plenty of time to spend with us. Grammy is always available to take care of Lanie when we need someone to watch her. It is such a comfort knowing that if we leave Lanie she is safe and always loved. Robin’s brother just had a baby girl and lives nearby as well. Noah’s sister and family also live a short drive away. We spend a lot of time with all of them and Lanie loves to be with all her cousins. Noah’s parents are divorced and both live an overnight stay away, but we see them at holidays and try to fit in visits as often as we can. Luckily we live near Robin’s hometown and have a great group of friends who all have children. There are many barbecues and birthday parties to go to with these friends.

Our Home and Community

After living in our first house for almost 10 years we recently moved to a new larger home to have lots of room for our growing family. It is so nice to have family dinner together every night and talk about our day together. Our comfortable home is in a suburban neighborhood with lots of kids of all ages. Our house has four bedrooms with a big backyard with a swing set and an outdoor playhouse. It is on 1½ acres so there is plenty of space. The town we live in has a reputation for great schools and has plenty of recreational, athletic and other programs for children. They host a circus and carnival every year. We also live walking distance to a great playground and Lanie’s school. A few miles from our house is a state park with hiking trails, camping and fishing areas.

Becoming parents through adoption was such a wonderful experience for us and we could not be more ready to welcome another son or daughter into our hearts. Thank you for getting to know us by reading our story. We hope this glimpse of our lives gives you an idea of how much love we have to share with another child. We will provide a loving, stable home with lots of laughter, hugs and kisses. Your child will grow to know their own story of adoption and the selfless sacrifice you made for them.

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