Paul & Renee

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We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We could never fully appreciate what a difficult decision this must be for you, but we are glad that you are considering the path to adoption whether or not that path leads you to us. It has taken incredible courage and love on your part just to come to this website and read about us. We are thankful that you would consider trusting us with the greatest of life’s precious gifts.

About Us

We would like to give you an idea of what our family is like and what we hold dear. Our names are Paul, Renee and Sarah. Paul and Renee met as Renee was moving into her first condo and Paul was her new next door neighbor. It took a year or so before we found our way to each other. We dated for 2 years before Paul went to Renee’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage…a romantic at heart! We were married on a warm sunny day in late April 1999. We had always planned on having children but were not blessed in this way until the adoption of our daughter, Sarah, in 2009. She is amazing in every way! Becoming parents was a dream come true for us; but, we feel that as a family, our journey is just beginning; and we have much love to offer another child. We would also like Sarah to experience the deep and lasting bond of having a sibling.

I am an Engineer by trade, and currently working in the manufacturing industry. I design and build industrial washers, ovens and conveyor systems for the application of powder paint. I find this work richly rewarding as each system must be designed from the ground up and is one of a kind. My personal interests include hunting, trapshooting, running, mountain biking, fitness, woodworking, music, and tinkering with anything mechanical.
Honestly though, what I have come to realize is the best job in the world has a short name: DAD. I must confess that I was a little apprehensive about having a child. I had heard others’ testimonials, but I am the type that must experience things for myself. And true, becoming a Dad was a huge changej, but what I never expected was how much fun it is! I love watching Sarah grow and helping her the best I can. Spending time with her is what I work towards during the day, and create time for as a rule.
Witnessing Renee grow into the role of Mom has been yet another joy of life. Our daughter Sarah is a high energy, high spirited dynamo, that slows for nothing. I watch in admiration as Renee not only keeps up with her, but so easily finds her inner child and becomes Sarah’s playmate. You can see the genuine fun and total interaction the two of them have together; you can hear the love rising from the torrent of giggles and laughter when they play. Often when I work from home, I catch myself chuckling, overhearing the banter coming from the other room. The house seems to take on a warm, comfortable glow.
As with any four year old, Sarah can also be a handful. From just deciding that she IS NOT going to do something, to endless questions that don’t have answers. Renee is able, without exception, to find an equal degree of patience. It is remarkable and steadfast; and it always (eventually!) brings Sarah around. I am fortunate to have Renee as my wife and mother to my daughter.

I love my job as a stay at home Mom! Before I became a mom I enjoyed working as a Physical Therapist with many different groups of people. I am currently serving on a committee in our town to build a community playground. I will continue to be a stay at home Mom with our second child. I enjoy sports and many outdoor activities throughout the year. I love any craft I can get my hands on especially knitting and quilting and have quilted and knitted several items for our newest family member! I love doing anything and everything with Sarah and Daddy. Sarah and I go to the library and gymnastics, make forts, set up elaborate tea parties, and we are part of a Moms group in our area . Sarah has made my dreams a reality. I love being a Mom – teaching her all about life – and learning from her. Her wide-eyed wonder and thirst for learning makes me smile every day. But, I do not believe that our family is complete. We long for a second child to be a sibling to our Sarah and to bring even more laughter, excitement and fulfillment to our loving family.
Daddy Paul is a wonderful father and husband. Paul is a loving, intelligent man. I love his spirit, appreciate his sense of humor and admire his accomplishments. When he loves something, or someone, he is as loyal as you could ever ask anyone to be. He is trustworthy and dedicated. He gets down on the floor and plays silly games with Sarah. Paul has had strength for both of us when I felt that I didn’t have any through our battle with infertility. He was patient with me as I struggled to understand God’s plan for our family. I know he will continue to grow as a Dad with our newest family member!

Family and Friends

We are very fortunate to have such supportive and loving family and friends who are very important to us . Renee’s parents are very active and are thrilled with being grandparents. We love to go to the beach where they have a place. We drive on the beach and BBQ, fish, fly kites and play in the waves! We love to go to the park. We have a very close church family and Sarah attends Sunday school while Mommy and Daddy volunteer. While Paul’s parents are in a nursing home, they are still very much a part of our life. When we visit, Sarah loves to spend time with them, do crafts and have ice cream with Nana! The joy and blessing of adoption is nothing new in our family. Paul’s sister has two children through adoption and he has several cousins as well. The entire family cannot wait to welcome a new member into their hearts.

Our Home and Community

We live in a two story home set in a small neighborhood on 6 acres at the end of a cul-de-sac. There is plenty of room to run and play that has been well tested! Our small town is in rural northwestern New Jersey that is nestled in amongst farms and open space. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe. There is a great school system and Sarah is already enjoying her first year of preschool!

Our Message to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We hope that what we have offered here gives you a look into our lives and that you will consider us as a loving family for your child. Please know that our prayers and support are with you as you go through the process of selecting parents for your child and would be happy to meet you as part of that process if you would like. In closing, we wish you all the best and that you find peace and comfort with your decision.
With deep respect and affection,
Paul, Renee and Sarah

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