Raquel & Carlos

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We are Raquel and Carlos and we’re so thankful you want to get to know us. We know that this is a very difficult and emotional decision for you. We hope that after learning about us that you will be secure in knowing that we will do our best to be wonderful parents to your child. Our dream has always been to become parents. Adoption is the path that will make that dream come true. We wish to provide a safe and loving family full of opportunities in life for a child. We would like to do as much as we can to give a child a satisfying and fulfilling life beyond our own dreams. We have had a fantastic marriage so far, full of adventure, laughs, love, and fun. But, the part that is missing is a child to share in and help create those wonderful lasting experiences and memories.

About Us

Our lives together began over five years ago after we both decided to try to find someone special the most modern way…online dating! Neither of us had very high expectations when we signed up, but we found more in each other than we could have ever imagined. We found that we shared a lot in common. We love the Philadelphia Eagles football team, the beach, travelling, trying new restaurants and events, food trucks, water parks, and new adventures. Most importantly, we both wanted children to complete our family. We both knew we had found someone special and our hopes would turn into something wonderful. We got married a little over a year later in beautiful Jamaica, and our journey began. Creating a family was always our dream. That did not happen for us as we had thought. We now know that the blessing of adoption is the way we were meant to create that family, and we could not be more excited to start this new chapter in our lives as parents.

Carlos’s Thoughts on Raquel:
Raquel is a kind, caring, and loving person. She is a fabulous wife, daughter, sister, aunt, co-worker, and friend. She will be an amazing mother! Raquel has the kindest heart. She cares deeply and is always concerned for others’ well- being. She also has the greatest sense of humor. Many times she will make a simple joke that will leave us in tears, and we can’t stop laughing! Being a caring person is Raquel’s best quality. I also love how Raquel is with children. She cares and spends time with my young nieces and nephews. She encourages me all the time to reach out to them to make sure they are okay. Her own nieces and nephew are young adults, but she still spends time with them on special occasions and birthdays. Raquel also works at a job that raises funds for Autism awareness, which is very honorable. I strongly believe in my heart that Raquel will make an amazing mother and care and love a child like no other.

Raquel’s Thoughts on Carlos:
Carlos is a caring and sensitive person. He is loving and makes sure I feel safe and taken care of. He takes it upon himself to make sure everything around the house is in working order and that we have a lovely home. Carlos is nurturing towards children. He is a teacher and tells me funny or inspirational stories daily of his interactions with students. I am so impressed by my husband. It takes a special person to put so much time and care into the hundreds of students he has taught over the years, passed in the hallways, come across on the recess field, or tutored in many programs. He teaches in an inner city school and many of the children come from homes with no father in the household. His students look up to him as a father figure, and I admire that about him so much. My husband will make a wonderful father. Carlos is anxious to enjoy all of wonderful experiences and funny moments with his own child.

Our Friends and Family:

We both have tight-knit families. Raquel has her mother, sister, a brother-in-law, two nieces, and a nephew. We are all very close and spend many birthdays and special events either dining out or barbequing in Raquel’s sister’s backyard or our own. Raquel continues to be the best aunt her nieces and nephew could ever have, staying present in their lives. Carlos has his mother, two sisters, two brothers, and countless nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews. He is very close to them and spends a lot time keeping up with his nieces and nephews. Carlos’s sister even adopted a baby girl three years ago, so the family knows the joy that adoption can bring. We spend time with nieces and nephews going to the zoo, BBQ’s, or just hanging out in the backyard. Many of our friends and neighbors have children, so in addition to our own family, a new baby will be welcomed and have many other children to play and grow along with. Our friends and families are so anxious, supportive, and proud of our decision to adopt.

Our Home and Community:

We have a 3 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath, split level home in a small, quiet neighborhood. We have plenty of room for a baby. The baby’s room is right across the hall from our room, and we have a spacious family/playroom downstairs for fun, family time. Our backyard is also very spacious, fenced in, and safe. Now all the yard needs is a swing set and a slide! We have a vibrant community. All of our neighbors are very friendly and inviting. There are kids of all ages throughout our neighborhood. It is a quiet, safe town, with great schools nearby, a lake, and all of the usual stores and restaurants. There’s a playground and park in walking distance, along with a baseball field.
Our neighborhood is also an hour’s drive to Philadelphia, New York, and the famous Jersey Shore. There are so many fantastic museums, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and places of fun and learning just waiting for a child to enjoy!

Our Message to You:

We deeply appreciate the time that you have taken to get to know us. Thank you for your consideration in your very important decision. We respect your feelings and your desires for who you wish to choose to raise your baby. We are very willing to discuss the level of openness in this journey that we all would be comfortable with.
Please know that we will do our utmost best to be the greatest parents. Your baby will be raised in a caring, respectful, nurturing, encouraging, adventurous, fun, and most importantly, loving household.

Thank you so much,

Raquel & Carlos

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