Scott & Adam

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We are Adam and Scott, a young married couple from New Jersey looking to grow our family through the gift of adoption. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Although we cannot truly understand everything you are going through, we realize your decision is a difficult one and offer our sincerest support and respect. We trust you will see the love we have not only for each other but the love we can extend to your child as part of our family.

About Us

(as told by Scott)

One of the best things I love about Adam is his ability to make me laugh at unsuspected moments. His sensitivity was also one of the first things that attracted me to him. He is thoughtful, understanding, and deeply cares for his family, particularly his mother. His diligence is demonstrated by the fact he started working at 13 and has consistently earned the respect and trust from his coworkers. Of all the shows we’ve done together, his favorite role is yet to come – “Daddy”.

(as told by Adam)

Scott is extremely smart and talented. Whatever he does, he gives one hundred percent focus. However, I must say his passion is theater. Over the years Scott has motivated many young people by putting them into his productions. He helped build their confidence, motivated them, and given them wonderful memories. He inspires me too, to do more, and want more. There is no one else I’d rather share the rest of my life with. He really is my better half.

Family Life

We are so fortunate to both have devoted immediate and extended families who are extremely supportive of our adoption and waiting to welcome a new addition to the family. Adam is particularly close with his cousins who are all only a few years apart from each other. We gather for holidays, birthdays, summer barbecues, and travel to Florida, a tradition every year since childhood.

Our Home and Community

We currently live in a two family home that Adam grew up in and look forward to raising our child in the same home. We have three large bedrooms with plenty of space and a gated pool in the backyard. Schools, parks, and the waterfront are within walking distance. The police, fire station and hospital are also close by. Our proximity to New York City often allows us to take advantage of Broadway and other cultural opportunities.

Our Message to You

We are open to sharing updates and pictures after the birth and developing a relationship that is comfortable for everyone. If your heart leads you to us, please know that your child will be loved more than anyone could imagine. We both have the ability to take time off to spend with our child after birth and we will do our best to provide all of the support and guidance this child will need to have a happy, healthy and successful life.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Adam & Scott

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