Tyler & Peter

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Hello! We are Tyler and Peter.
Thank you for taking a moment to view our life. Your strength and courage in this journey are unmatched. We promise to give your child our unconditional love and so much more.
Our home is filled with support, laughter, friendship, Family; and, of course, love. Let us show you who we are and tell you about our life.

About Us

We went to the same high school, lived in the same town, and probably crossed paths several times. It took a dating website to bring us together. When we started writing each other Peter said he would rush home to see if there was a response from Tyler. After our first date Tyler felt like she had that school girl crush with butterflies in her stomach. Peter said he knew immediately Tyler was the “one” for him. Three years later Peter proposed in the Park where we had our first date. One year later we were married on a cruise in Bermuda.

About Tyler by Peter
Tyler has so many traits all balled up into one little person, with such a big personality. She is very loyal, loving, compassionate, and strong. Tyler worked for over 14 years as a Skin Care Specialist and Makeup Artist. One day she decided she wanted to open her own business and opened up a Dog Walking Company. Over the years it has grown to be very successful and is still thriving, yet it has plenty of flexibility for raising a family. Tyler is also a nanny for an 8 year old girl. They have such a special bond. Tyler has a true love for animals. In her spare time she volunteers at a rescue organization.

About Peter by Tyler
Peter has the biggest heart in the world, everyone loves him, whether they have known him for five minutes or five years. He puts his family before himself no matter the circumstances. Peter’s personality is one of a kind; he is the funniest, goofiest, most playful guy. The other side of Peter is my rock, the man that is always there to be a shoulder to lean on, give advice, or just be my best friend. Peter works as a Foreman for a Weatherproofing Company, and also has his own side business. Peter does a lot of work for the people that live in the adult communities in our area. They never have enough great things to say about him, and many think of him as family. Peter works very hard to provide his family with a wonderful lifestyle.

Family Life

We always have fun no matter what we are doing whether it is something simple like weekend errands, going out to dinner, or just relaxing at home. We have “Special Dining Out Night” when we try to go somewhere new, and try a new type of cuisine. We love to go to the boardwalk in the summer months and enjoy various events like the Seafood Festivals, shopping, rides and games.

We enjoy spending time with our dogs, so we like to attend all the Expos and Charity Walks which sometimes include dog costumes for holidays. The dog beach is another fun time. We love to travel, it can be a weekend trip to Hershey Park or a vacation “get-a-way”–we plan one every year. We are looking forward to going to Disney World with a family of our own, so we decided to become Disney Vacation Club Members! Being so local to the wonderful town of Princeton, New York City, and various other places, we are always on the go. Holidays are huge in our family so we even venture to go see Santa.

Our Friends & Family

All of our friends and family are very excited and extremely supportive about our decision to adopt. Our immediate family is small, but our extended family is vast and diverse. Our closest friends are actually our neighbors, they have the most amazing children, a 4 year old and 16 month old. We are known as Uncle Pete and Aunt Tyler.

Tyler is an only child, and her Mom lives with us and plans on retiring to be a full time Grandma. Her Father works locally and lives within walking distance to our home. Tyler is very close with her family and has such an amazing bond with them. Every Friday night we all go to the same restaurant for dinner, and barbecue on our deck in the summer. Tyler also has an Aunt in New Jersey and a Grandma in Florida.

Peter is the youngest of two sisters. His Mom and Dad live in North Carolina with his middle sister Dana, her husband Brian, their daughter Ava. His oldest sister Mona lives in New Jersey with her husband Patrick.

Our Home & Community

We live in a four bedroom townhouse, with a finished basement. Our home has a very large enclosed private deck. The community is very diverse with very close and friendly neighbors. There are 2 schools located in the development, 4 pools, many walking or jogging trails, tennis courts, and playgrounds for the younger kids. There are many group activities, classes and events offered to children in the community.

We live in Central Jersey so we are in a perfect location to get to so many wonderful attractions that New Jersey has to offer. We are only a few minutes from many local parks, Great Adventure, the Jersey Shore, and New York City.

Our Message To You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We appreciate the loving and selfless decision you are making to give your child every opportunity life has to offer.

We have a home that is filled with love and laughter, stable and rewarding careers that afford us a great deal of flexibility, plus we have so much love and opportunity to offer your child. We would raise your child with the same values with which we were raised; kindness, compassion, and the love of learning, to believe in God and most of all, to be a good person! Your child will laugh often, dream big, and explore the world with endless possibilities.

If you choose us, as the adoptive parents, we promise you that your child will know about you and understand the amazing and loving choice you made.

We wish you all the strength and peace of mind through your journey.

Tyler & Peter

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