Kevin & Liz

  • Kevin & Liz: Welcome to our profile!
  • Exploring Venice
  • A pilot in the making
  • A daily stroll
  • Kid at heart
  • Lunch with Rowdy
  • Game time with the nephews
  • Friends for a lifetime
  • Concerts with friends
  • All decked out for a friend’s wedding.
  • Enjoying the adventure.
  • Beach day fun with family.
  • Celebrating Liz’s brother’s wedding.
  • Sharing birthday celebrations.
  • Smiles all around with Rowdy and our nephews.
  • Liz’s silly side with family.
  • Family trips.
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We have been married for 16 years and share common expectations for what it takes to maintain a loving adult relationship. We have a mutual level of respect for each other’s goals, hopes and dreams for the future. We have always wanted to become parents and look forward to the day our family grows from two to three. When we are blessed with a child, we will give our child with unconditional love, provide them with experiences and opportunities that encourage their individual talents and gifts, and be their biggest advocate.

About Us

We met through a mutual friend who was convinced we would make a great couple. She was right. We realized we had many common interests like hiking, traveling, and experiencing cultural events. Our weekends are spent exploring our local community and the many state parks nearby. We love being outside to witness the changes in the season through long walks, hikes and bike rides. Our local children’s park is a place we love to bring our nephews to explore when they have overnight visits with us. We look forward to watching our child being able to participate in community events like the town’s Halloween Eve activities.

Meet Kevin by Liz:

Kevin grew up in a close-knit family of four in a small community. He has always been close with his brother. His family of teachers helped foster his excellent values and strong work ethic. Kevin, as a sales operations manager, is a self-motivated and is a mentor for new members of his team. His is wonderful listener and always wants to help people. He volunteers his time to help decorate our church and assists friends in making their home improvements. His perfect night out would be an amazing Tex-Mex dinner in a fun city followed by a music concert or sporting event. He loves to explore new cities and get a feel for their culture.
He is a big kid at heart. While on vacation, Kevin loves to go swimming all day and play mini-golf at night. Flying model helicopters is a hobby he loves sharing with others. I will love watching Kevin share his interests with our child.

Meet Liz by Kevin:

Growing up in a small New Jersey suburb to two loving parents, Liz was raised to be a responsible, empathetic and caring adult. As a teacher, Liz knows how to be serious and professional yet be fun-loving and a jokester at the same time. Liz introduced me to Broadway musicals like Rent, shared in her family tradition of camping and challenged me to many games of Skip-Bo and UNO. Liz yearns to succeed and be the best. She is a mentor to those she works with and is seen as a natural leader. Growing up Liz’s family would go on weekend family road trips to the Poconos, upstate New York and Cape May.
Liz has a small group of core friends with whom she remains very close. Liz will do anything for a friend, colleague or anyone else in need. She loves to read, garden, cook and of course travel. My favorite activity Liz enjoys is long walks on the Jersey shore boardwalk which is where we fell in love.

Our Friends and Family:

We have many close friends and family members living nearby. Our nephews have sleepovers at our house and our parents join us for family dinners when they are not traveling. We consider our close friends part of our family, and typically they join us for holidays, like Christmas, in our home. Both sets of our parents travel during the winter as part of their retirement, so we make it a point to visit them during their travels, usually in Florida. We look forward to family trips to Hilton Head Island, Disney World, and the Caribbean. Our loved ones are supporting us on this journey and are happy we are growing our family.

Our Home:

Our home is surrounded by diverse and friendly neighbors. Throughout the year, we envision our child playing with neighborhood kids, bike riding, and exploring nature while we are outside working on the yard. Our favorite feature of our home with the sunroom that overlooks our scenic backyard. We try to keep our home relaxed and uncluttered with plenty of space for a child.
Even though our town has a large footprint, our neighborhood feels like a small town. Neighbors take nightly strolls after dinner, greeting each other along the way. Our community has an excellent school system known for being among the best in the state academically and for its Friday night football games. We love to sit in our backyard and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind.

Our Message to You

As parents, we will provide plenty of love, laughter and support. We want our child to grow up in a well-balanced environment. Not a day will go by without our child knowing how much he or she is loved. We will ensure school is a priority so they will enter the world with confidence. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and we look forward to learning more about you!

Kevin & Liz

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