Julianne & Andy

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We are honored you have chosen to read our profile. You are currently making a very important decision for the life of your child and we appreciate you considering us as parents. We can provide a happy and safe home, filled with love, joy and opportunity. Keep reading! We hope you will find comfort in us and find security in the life we can provide for your child.

About Us

We met at college through Julianne’s roommate and Andy quickly became part of our larger group of friends. After graduation, Julianne moved back to the area where we had attended college and where Andy was living with his parents. Andy helped Julianne move in to her new apartment and later that same week, took Julianne out to dinner and to the local Apple Dumpling Festival. Within weeks, we were dating exclusively. Two years later, Andy proposed to Julianne. We had dinner at Pizzeria Uno’s – the place of our first date! – and a walk through a local park where Andy proposed by the river’s edge. The next year, we were married in the same church Andy attended as a child surrounded by family and friends, many of who were involved in the ceremony.

We are a couple with a strong, solid relationship. During our engagement and first year of marriage, we lived in Illinois for our jobs, separated from our friends and family. We learned to rely solely on each other and become each other’s source for nurturing and care. We have been married now for 7 years and we welcome the opportunity to share this secure environment with a child.

Family Life

Our family life is centered on the outdoor activities and seasonal traditions.

Christmas is Andy’s favorite holiday and we have enjoyed picking out and cutting down our very own tree each year just as Andy did as a kid. Picking out the tree, decorating the tree and baking holiday cookies is an entire weekend worth of activities that we look forward to every year. Julianne loves everything Fall so every October Andy finds a new pumpkin farm to visit so Julianne can pick her very own pumpkin. In the Fall, we also often camp lake side in the Poconos for a long weekend enjoying camp fires, the changing leaves and local festivals. Every Easter we still color and decorate eggs and every other summer we spend a week with Andy’s family at the same beach they have been visiting for over 25 years. Weekends at home are spent outside in the yard and weekend evenings in the summer are spent around the grill and outside fireplace.

We cannot wait to share our lives with a child and look forward to their first potted plant in our yard, their first camp fire with marshmallows by the lake or their first sand castle with their cousins at the beach.

Our Friends and Family

Both Andy and Julianne grew up in traditional 2 parent families; Julianne as a single child and Andy grew up the middle child of 5 siblings.

Throughout childhood and even today, Julianne and her parents remain close. While growing up, both her Mom and Dad were involved in her church activities: choir and youth group respectively, while Dad joined in on school trips as everyone’s favorite chaperone, and Mom was head of her Girl Scout troop and taught Julianne the joy of crafts.

Throughout Andy’s childhood, his parents spent most of their time involved in his scouting, attending his local swim meets and his Dad attended the local football games where Andy performed in the marching band at half time. Andy’s relationship with his siblings varies due to the age gap between them. He is closest with his older sister as they are only one year apart while Andy’s knowledge and love of sports connect him and his younger brother Will, and the youngest brother Paul, often seeks out Andy for advice and support.

Having grown up an only child, Julianne loves spending time with all of Andy’s siblings. Our family has expanded to include 3 nieces and 1 nephew so far and everyone is eager to meet their next cousin.

Our Home and Community

Our home is a 2-story colonial with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, renovated living room, dining room and kitchen with a fenced in back yard. We have lived in our home for 6 years with our Bichon Frise puppy, Cougar. We enjoy walks throughout the neighborhood to playgrounds, sports fields and a local park with water front. Our home is also within walking distance to the church we attend.

Our Message to You

We are grateful to the birthparents that choose us. We respect birthparents and appreciate the courage it takes to make an adoption plan. It is an important decision that you are making and we look forward to meeting you and providing what we can to make your decision easiest.

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