Placement Services

In both the profile and identified placement programs, the following services are provided.

  • Consultations with the birth family, both in person and by telephone including counseling in regard to pre-placement issues/options and post-placement adjustment. Counseling is also available for extended birth family members, if requested, including parents, siblings and other children.
  • Pre- and post-placement consultation with adoptive family.
  • Pre- and post-placement consultation with attorneys representing the birth and adoptive families.
  • Coordination of the release of all available social and medical information on the child and birth family to the adoptive parents.
  • Facilitation of the hospital discharge and/or transfer of physical custody of the child.
  • Execution of termination of parental rights of birth family. New Jersey statute allows a licensed adoption agency to terminate parental rights as early as 72 hours following birth. Actual termination will occur following agency assessment of birth parents’ readiness.
  • Preparation of documents in compliance with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, if applicable.
  • Coordination of any agreements regarding post-placement exchange of information and/or visitation between birth and adoptive families.
  • Preparation of court documents for finalization hearing.

A Loving Choice Adoption Associates works closely with the birth parents and adopting family to facilitate the connection, plan the adoption, and promote the success of the placement.