Ryan & Rachel

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Hello! We are Ryan, Rachel and Gavin! We wanted to first say thank you for already being a forever angel and we wanted to commend you for your courage and strength. We hope to ease some of the weight that’s resting on your shoulders, and that through this process you find exactly what you are looking for. We want you to know that if you choose us to be your baby’s adoptive family we will give everything that we have. We will share with this child all the love and care and adventure that he or she could ever ask for. Thank you so much for looking through our family profile, and we hope that you consider us as the adoptive family for your child. We would be so blessed to have that honor, and thankful that you thought that we are the best fit. If you have any other questions about us and who we are, we will be here to answer them for you.

About Us

We met in 1998 while attending college in Pennsylvania. We were married six years later in Kauai, Hawaii. Shortly after that we moved back to New Jersey where we could be closer to family and enjoy beach life. We shared our home with 3 4-legged buddies, but soon after getting married, we decided that we wanted to expand our family and started to look into adoption. We always knew we wanted children and believed adoption was going to be our plan. Our dream has always been to be parents to a child. As we continue to expand our family, the more and more adoption naturally always comes to the front of our minds and hearts. It was the most wonderful experience in that it brought Gavin to us. We are blessed that adoption was a wonderful way to grow our family and were so thrilled when this beautiful little baby boy, Gavin, came into our lives. We want to continue the dream of growing our family and love through the wonderful journey of adoption yet again. Gavin is super excited to have a sibling and to be part of their adoption story and also that he will share in telling his adoption story to them as well!

Ryan is truly my best friend and the love of my life. He is the someone I can count on when times are tough and celebrate with when good news comes our way. What I love most about Ryan is his sense of humor and is always looking to make you smile. Kids and animals of all ages just adore him. He knows how to make people feel special and give them the individual time they deserve. Ryan is very friendly, kind, energetic and quite the comedian. He has a passion for life and lives his life to the fullest each day. He is a very happy person with a very positive outlook. He enjoys playing with our dogs, grilling with friends, gardening with Gavin and spending time on the beach with Gavin and I. Ryan is definitely a team player in our marriage and always helps out around the house. He is constantly working around the house and looking for ways to improve our home. Ryan is always making sure our home is not only physically safe but filled with as much love and laughter as possible! He is a hard worker and a very dedicated dad. He takes providing for his family very seriously and is always there when we need him for support or just to have fun. He enjoys his career as a manager for an equipment company and is dedicated to watching his career grow each day. Ryan is AWESOME at being a dad. He teaches Gavin by example every day and is truly the greatest role model you can find in a dad. He gives 110% of unconditional love and just his presence makes you feel so secure. Ryan will always make you feel that no one else in the world can love you as much as he does, you can do and be anything you put your heart and mind to, and he always lets you know you can get through anything life throws at you.

Rachel has a wonderful personality that everyone likes to be around. That is what initially drove me to want to spend more time with her. She is a very caring person with her family and also with mine which definitely helped both families blend together with ease. Rachel is the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes. Her unconditional love for people, dogs and animals, family, and her love for me is what makes me love her even more. Rachel has a natural and genuine character with a personality of thoughtfulness, sincerity and charm. She is a very sweet, caring, friendly, and big hearted person. Rachel loves her job for a company as a manager for a team in Professional Services. She always refers to her work as her “second family”. Her company even makes it a point to emphasize that family should always come first. Rachel is a very dedicated, motivated and inspirational worker yet she makes it look so easy and always works with a smile on her face. We have had such wonderful and blessed relationship in growing our family that we both know adding another child will only make our lives that much fuller and have plenty of extra love and laughs to go around. She is for sure a favorite to many of our friend’s kids and no doubt the favorite Aunt to our nephews because of her consistent love and attention to them. Rachel is extremely optimistic and will always looking at the positive in any situation. Rachel is such a natural at being a mom. She is committed to her family and consistently gives hugs, loves and kisses at any given day and time! She instills in Gavin the qualities to what makes a proud man… I should know as I am a better man today because of Rachel.

Family Life – Our Friends and Family

We are a family that is constantly laughing and truly enjoys spending as much time together as possible. We also share our home with 3 very awesome dogs: Macy (Greyhound), Zoey (Italian Greyhound) and Ronnie (Whippet). They just adore everyone and just like people, they each have their own silly personalities that goes perfect with our silly family! They are part of our family and we take them everywhere with us as well when we can! Family and Friends are extremely important to us and we know ours will forever play a vital role in the life of our children. Our families have grown to become one big family. We gather together for the holidays and many events – Rachel’s family and Ryan’s family all in one big celebration. We are fortunate to have strong and loving relationships with our parents, siblings and extended families and friends. No matter the season, no matter the occasion, no matter a reason, there is always a gathering to be had just in making sure to spend quality time with family & friends whenever we can. In everything we do, we make sure there are a lot of laughs and smiles. We surround ourselves with friends and family who have the same appreciation for all the simple things in life. Out of all the hobbies and interests we have…we know it’s corny but our all-time favorite has always been just being together as a family. Making a memory of the moment is what’s truly important to us so whether it’s watching a movie, making a meal, or just sitting on the back deck …as long as we are together we will always have fun, enjoy one another and make sure there are memories to be had. We are so excited to bring another child into our family to share the love and joy that we have for our family. We can hardly wait until another child is part of our lives and memories to share with not only us but with ALL our family and friends!

Our Home and Community

We live in a great neighborhood! Our home is situated in a quiet residential area in a middle class community. Our house has 5 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath’s, a great fenced in backyard and plenty of room for fun! Rachel’s family lives in the same neighborhood just a few blocks from each other and Ryan’s family is just minutes away as well. We are also just a few minutes away from our church, schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, community resources and the beach! We live right around the block from a small park with a playground. Our community is very family oriented and an active environment in which all our neighbors are exposed to diverse cultures and ethnicities. Family is the reason we moved back to New Jersey and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else especially since it is the same home Rachel grew up in since she was a little girl. Gavin’s room is actually Rachel’s room growing up!

Our Message to You

We would always describe you to your child in a respectful and loving light because of the choice you are making for them. We are so excited about the possibility of sharing our life with your precious child and hope this profile has given you a glimpse of what that life would be like in our family. We want you to know that our home is warm, happy and will always be a place of love, life, laughter and encouragement.
From day one, we promise to…
– To always LOVE our children unconditionally forever
– To provide a loving, warm, happy and secure home life
– Make sure a day doesn’t go by without laughter, hugs, kisses and most importantly “I Love You’s”
– To forever surround them with loving and supportive friends and family
– Provide a quality education and to always support their individual talents
– Build their foundation for faith and spirituality
– Encourage them to never be afraid to be themselves and always follow their dreams
– Share enriching cultural and travel experiences
– Teach compassion and care for everyone and animals
– To always share the story of your courageous decision and the special way we became a family

Together we will always celebrate life and we will forever celebrate you. We wish you courage in the days ahead and we will pray for the decision you will make for your child. Thank you for learning more about us.

All our love,
Ryan, Rachel and Gavin

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