Waiting Family Profiles

Our waiting families are each unique, but what they all have in common is a deep desire to share their love with a child through adoption.

At A Loving Choice Adoption Associates we want you to be able to make a choice that feels exactly right for you and your baby.
Please note that not all of our families are listed here.
If you would like to view other profiles, please contact us.  If you have a specific request for a particular family background, we will make every effort to provide profiles that match that request.

Anne Marie & Matt

We promise to provide your child with support, encouragement, celebration, protection, and, most importantly of all, our endless love.
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Lisa & John

We Honor and Respect your Strength and Courage; we feel you are an Angel from Heaven to help a couple without children to achieve their dream of becoming parents while providing a selfless and loving life-plan for your child.
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Hallie & Chris

We are so excited to welcome a new baby to our family and will promise to love and cherish this child to the ends of the earth and raise this child with eternal love and guidance.
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Wil & Mara

We are excited for other opportunity to share our love and our lives with another child.
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Erica & John-Michael

We have so much love and support to offer, and are overjoyed to expand our family through adoption.

Dara & Mike

We are looking forward to completing our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile and get to know a little about us.
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Amy & David

We are so excited to share our lives and love with a baby who will be adored forever. We admire your courage and want you to know you will always hold a special place in our hearts.
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Jen & Dave

We are excited to share our lives with a child and see the world through their eyes. We wish you the best of luck as you find the right match for you.

Mary & Damon

We are a married couple in our 30’s excited to become parents through adoption! We are grateful to you for making this choice and hope you find comfort in knowing you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Jesse & Chris

Our dream is to share our life, home, and all our love with a child.

Scott & Amy

Please know that if you choose us, we will be eternally grateful and promise to provide a safe and loving home.

Diana & Jerry

Hello from Diana & Jerry! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us as you consider adoption for your precious baby.

Holly & George

Hi! We are Holly and George. We are hoping to adopt our first child and give this child a lifetime of love, values, and happiness.
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