Elaine & Mike

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Our names are Elaine and Mike. We hope you and your family are well and we thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We think it’s important to share that your child will grow with the knowledge that he or she is adopted. The child will learn that the adoption was made possible through love.

About Us

We were married in August 2005, on possibly the hottest day of the year! Within two years, we wanted to start a family. After we realized that we were unable to have children biologically, we felt called to adopt. The decision to adopt has improved our marriage. The decision has also shown us how much love and support exists among our friends and extended family. They have been with us every step of the way.
Currently, we both work full-time, Elaine as a teacher and Mike as a sales consultant for a staffing firm. Our careers permit us to successfully balance work with our personal lives.

Family Life

As a teacher, Elaine will foster a love of learning in our child, while encouraging him or her to do their personal best at school. She loves doing crafts, playing games and taking day outings to zoos and museums. She looks forward to taking our child on these excursions. As an avid sports fan and college athlete, Michael looks forward to bonding with our child over games of catch in the park and visits to Yankee Stadium. He is also a huge Disney fan and will likely spoil him or her with Disney merchandise and Mickey ears. We both enjoy travel and regularly take vacations with relatives. We count the days until we can share these adventures with a child.

Our Friends and Family

Our families and friends are all very excited to welcome a child into our lives. The amount of support we’ve already received speaks volumes to the degree of openness and love a child will soon experience. Fortunately, both sets of our parents live near us and look forward to welcoming grandchildren. Between us, we have four siblings, Michael’s two sisters, Christine and Maureen, and Elaine’s two brothers, Domenick and Thomas. We are good friends with all four of them and their spouses/significant others. We are also connected to our three grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. We have many friends with young children and enjoy socializing with them on a regular basis.

Our Home and Community

We live in a single family home in a suburban neighborhood. We are friends with our neighbors, many of whom have children. Our town features excellent schools and top-notch medical facilities. As members of our local church, we enjoy involvement with the parish. Most of our family, and many of our friends, live in our town or in nearby communities.

Our Message to You

We have the greatest respect for your decision to choose adoption for your child. We believe that doing what is best is not always the easiest path. Through love, though, this sacrifice is made possible. We can only imagine the challenges you face in selecting an adoptive family. Please be assured that if you choose us for your child, he or she will be raised with only the highest esteem for you and your choice.

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