Dara & Mike

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Hi! We are Mike and Dara. We have two children, Aiden and Madison, and would love to add another child to our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our family.

About us

We met working in the same office building. We had a two year engagement and married in 2005. After 5 years of marriage we decided to add to our family and had our son Aiden (5 years old) and shortly after our daughter Madison (3 years old).

Family Life

We are an active family that values family time. We look forward to spending time outdoors, hiking and doing things together. Traveling is a passion of ours. We love seeing new places and discovering new cultures. The children are excited about having another sibling and are looking forward to teaching them new things.

Friends and family

Both of us come from large families that spend a lot of time together. Each Sunday we host family dinner and often times both sides of our extended families come together. Mike’s parents have 9 grandchildren so there are always a bunch of cousins around. Our families are excited to have a new addition. Our friends have also been very supportive in this process. One of our friends is adopted and another has an adopted daughter making them great resources.

Our home and Community

We have a 4 bedroom Colonial style home with a yard and play set for the children.
Our neighborhood is filled with young families and children. We often have get togethers, BBQ’s and have the children playing together after school or on weekends.

Our message to you

We promise to love your baby unconditionally. To comfort them in times of need and to be a shoulder to lean on. We will encourage them to follow their dreams and expand their horizons to become whoever they want to be. To guide them but also let them make their own decisions. To treat every moment as a gift and cherish the joy they bring to the family. Inspire them to reach for the stars and beyond. Teach them to be brave and have courage if the moment calls for it. To forgive and learn from the inevitable mistakes. To learn and teach them about their heritage and culture. We will tell them their birth story and how they came to us. We promise that we will never forget the amount of courage, bravery and selflessness that their birth mother had to make this choice.

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