David & Casey

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Because David was adopted as a baby, we have always known that adoption would be our preferred route to parenthood. While it is impossible for us to know all of the emotions that you must be feeling, we do realize that it takes a great amount of courage to make this important decision. We have no doubt that you want what is best for your baby.

Through these pictures and words, we hope you can see the love we have for each other, the importance of our friends and family and the nurturing home we will provide for our future children.

If we are to be so lucky to adopt your baby, he or she will be raised in a loving and caring home, filled with music and laughter. We will create an environment conducive to curiosity and learning and encourage him or her to share his or her talents. Simply put, we will love this child unconditionally. He or she will be our pride and joy.

Our Story

Our mutual passions for music and travel brought us together in 2008 and from our very first date it was clear that our connection was something special. While we quickly bonded over similarities and interests, our mutual life goals – especially the desire to have children someday – made it clear that we had both found our soulmate. We have been a team from day one and have supported each other in both the happiest and hardest of times. We try and live life to the fullest and tackle obstacles head-on. We have grown as individuals but even more so as a couple and now our focus has turned to adopting children.

About Us / Quick Facts

Occupation: International Flight Attendant
Alma Mater: Trinity University
Ethnic Background: Taiwanese
Favorite Book: The Alchemist
Favorite Place: Coastal Maine
Can’t Live Without: Ice Cream (my family used to own an ice cream shop)
Best Day: any combination of coffee, knitting, board games, and a homemade dinner with family and friends followed by a sing-along around the piano

What Casey says about David:
Having been adopted himself, David will certainly offer firsthand experience to our future children. He is a natural caretaker given his profession as a flight attendant and also an excellent cook at home. I believe he will be a wonderful father to our children, offering an endless amount of creative ability and cultural experience. David is a very loyal friend and is always generous with his time and talents. I look forward to watching David bake cookies with our kids and also teaching them how to knit.

Occupation: Opera Singer and College Music Educator
Alma Mater: UNC-Chapel Hill and Eastman School of Music
Ethnic Background: Italian/Irish
Favorite Book: The Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Place: Puerto Rico
Can’t Live Without: my Piano
Best Day: train ride into NYC, a walk in Central Park, an Italian dinner at Don Giovanni’s and a live performance on Broadway or at the Metropolitan Opera House

What David says about Casey:
I have no doubt that Casey will be an amazing father. He is smart, talented and caring (he always takes the time to send handwritten notes). He is a positive thinker who will encourage our kids to explore their interests and to do their very best. He is an impeccable planner and is always thinking two steps ahead. Casey loves unconditionally and is always supportive of our family, friends and surrounding community. I look forward to seeing Casey teach our kids how to sing and play the piano.

Family & Friends

We feel extremely blessed to have the encouragement and support of family and friends as we journey through the adoption process. We are very fortunate that this network includes numerous doctors, lawyers, educators, musicians, and artists. Your child will have plenty of role models to look up to in our extended family of relatives and friends. Everyone is very excited for us to adopt children and we are absolutely certain that our future kids will be showered with love from both near and far away.

Our Home

We live in a lovely suburban New Jersey community, just outside of New York City. In 2011 we purchased our home, a charming three-bedroom colonial located on a quiet street. Our favorite features are the front porch and lush backyard perfect for family gatherings. We are within walking distance of schools, kid-friendly parks, and cute shops and restaurants that line the downtown area where we catch the train into NYC.

Our Community

Since childhood we have both been involved in church communities and continue to be very active at a Presbyterian church where Casey is employed as the music director. David serves as a Sunday School teacher and together we are the heads of the middle/high school youth group. Like our neighborhood, the church is progressive, diverse, supportive and inviting. Our children will be heartily welcomed and will benefit deeply from growing up in this loving community.

Our Message to You

We have the utmost respect for you and the decision you are making. We want to assure you that your baby will be loved and provided for in the only way we know possible: unconditionally. We would like your child to grow up knowing where he or she came from and the vital role that you played in the formation of our family.

We look forward to teaching him or her how to read, write, sing, swim, ride a bike, ice skate, cook, and so much more. We will support him or her through every milestone of life: first steps, first day of school, recitals, games, graduations, first loves, first heartbreaks, birthdays and holidays.

We will dedicate our lives to raising your child to be kind and generous, always teaching him or her to be strong, motivated, and driven to succeed.

Thank you again for your consideration,
Casey & David

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