Diana & Jerry

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We appreciate you for taking the time to view our profile, as you consider prospective parents for your precious baby. We are truly amazed by your courage, strength and bravery in making such a difficult and selfless decision. Please know that if you choose us as parents for your baby, we will cherish every gift of parenthood, both small and large!

About Us

Nine years ago we were matched on E-Harmony, and have been happily married for six. When we met it was like we both found the missing piece to our puzzle. We love to spend time together, whether it’s Friday night food shopping, taking a spontaneous day trip or watching our favorite TV shows. We are so excited to build our family through open adoption and can’t wait to be parents.

Family Life

We were raised eating dinner at the kitchen table and talking about our day. We do this together every night. It’s very important to us to pass these values on to our child. On the weekends, Jerry enjoys making pancakes for breakfast (his specialty). Our home has three bedrooms, plenty of space for kids’ toys and a fenced in backyard with room to play and run. Our parents can’t wait to welcome a baby into their lives and babysit.

Around Town

We live in a small NJ town just outside Philadelphia. We feel like it will be an amazing place to raise our child! Our street has many young families, sidewalks for riding bikes and plenty of trees to climb. The town has a lot to offer; parks and restaurants within walking distance, summer camp at the library, breakfast with Santa and an Easter Egg hunt, just to name a few. There are also holiday parades, movie nights in the park and church carnivals nearby.

Friends and Family

Our friends are just as important to us as our family and we adore their kids. We never miss birthday parties, even if we need to hit two in one day. We are fortunate that both our groups of friends have bonded so well and truly enjoy each other’s company. Throughout the year we get together with our family to celebrate birthdays, holidays or just spend time together as families. We are surrounded by a huge network of close friends and family who are also excited to join us in welcoming a child into our family through adoption.

How we spend our year

New Year’s Eve we spend at our friends Dina and Will’s house with their girls Taylor and Olivia. The girls love that we have a sleepover every New Year’s Eve at their house. We host Easter dinner each year. Diana is Greek and has incorporated all the wonderful traditions of the holiday into dinner for both families. Even though Jerry is Irish his family is Greek once a year. Summer is full of birthdays, barbecues, fireworks and fun at Jerry’s parent’s pool. In the Fall, Diana, her sister Maria and Dina go to the local farm with all the kids for; apple and pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn maze and apple cider slushies. October we enjoy getting dressed up for our annual Halloween costume party. Thanksgiving we spend at Jerry’s parents since we get up early for Black Friday shopping the next day. Christmas morning we have brunch with Diana’s family at her sister’s then host Christmas dinner for Jerry’s family. The weekend between Christmas and New Year’s is reserved for our friend’s and our annual pot luck dinner.

About Diana

My older sister Maria and I grew up in loving household with my mom. Even though my parents divorced when I was young they raised us together. We went on many family vacations and day trips with both our parents. I followed in my Mom’s footsteps working in a clerical position in the medical field. Some of my favorite things are crafting with my sister, cooking and spending time with our nephew Brody. He has been asking for years if he could “get a cousin”. Jerry has taken to Brody as his own and they have so much fun being silly together. I know in my heart Jerry will be an excellent father who will make our child’s life full of laughter and stability.

About Jerry

My loving parents have been married for 53 years. They’ve done a great job raising myself, my older brother David and younger sister Linda. I work alongside my Dad and Linda in the family business doing real estate title work. Growing up we took many family vacations. I enjoy swimming, skiing, hockey, football and can’t wait to share these things with our child. Diana puts so much care into our life together I am looking forward to seeing the care she will take with our child. She is going to make an amazing mother filling our child with plenty of warmth and nurturing.

Our message to you

Our commitment to open adoption is sincere and genuine. We hope to someday get to know you as well if that is something you would like. We have so much love for each other, and cannot wait to share that love with a child. With us, your child will always know about you, his/her birth family and all the love that went into your adoption plan. As parents, we plan to raise our child on the foundation of unconditional love and will always be open and honest with our child about his/her adoption story. We feel both honored and grateful that you have considered us as parents for your child. Regardless of your decision, we wish you all the best in the days ahead as you explore adoption for you and for your baby.

Diana & Jerry