Emily & Patty

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Welcome to our family. We are Emily and Patty. We feel very honored that you would consider placing your child with us. We will love, cherish and educate your child as if she/he were our very own. Your child will always know that you loved them so much that you chose the most nurturing adoptive family.

About Us

About Emily in Patty’s Words
Emily is a construction project manager. She loves taking an empty lot and building a brand new building for multiple purposes. She loves and respects children, especially those children who need additional support. Em will be an engaged parent that is involved in doing homework, participating in the child’s sports events and reading together at home. She believes that every child can learn and that education is the key to a happy and productive life which contributes to the whole society. She believes that failures are opportunities for future successes and hopes to teach a child that we all grow by learning from our mistakes.

About Patty in Emily’s Words
Patty is a high school teacher who values and respects children. She always tries to see things from the child’s point of view. She believes that proper parenting will lead to an adult who is independent, loving, hard-working and one who values family. She knows that children have their own personalities and will work very hard to honor the child’s individuality while instilling values such as: pursuing happiness, love of country, striving to be successful and “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Patty would love to instill a love for music, painting and creative writing. She is an artist at heart and would enjoy bringing out these talents in a child who shows interest.

Our Home and Community

We own a modern split level house in New Jersey with beautiful curb appeal in a progressive Blue Ribbon school district. The yard is very large and fenced in with an in-ground pool where we have gatherings with our friends and family. We have a basketball hoop where many friendly and competitive games are played, and we can’t wait to add a Rainbow swing set for a little one. We live walking-distance from a bike trail, beautiful tennis courts, an elementary school, and a day care facility.

Our Friends and Family

Our family and friends were more than excited when we informed them of our plans to adopt. We are a close family who values quality time. Your child will be surrounded by loving and caring individuals. Between the both of us there are ten cousins, two uncles, two grand-parents and many more close friends and neighbors. We love the Christmas holidays! Our split level home houses a Christmas tree on every level. The front lawn is decorated with reindeer and blow-up Christmas decorations. We love hosting themed holiday parties. Another one of our favorite holidays is 4th of July; Emily is a U.S. Army veteran. Our lawns are decorated with the American flags year-round and we contribute to the Disabled Veteran charity. During the summer we have friends and family over for hamburgers and barbequed ribs. Another tradition we have is going to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular show and often enjoy a lavish dinner at popular NY restaurants in Manhattan. We are hard-working people who enjoy the pleasures of living a loving life with each other and enjoy leisure activities during the weekends. We want to share all aspects of our lives with your child. Our pledge to you is that your child will have fun childhood memories, affection and guidance.

Our Message to You

We are eternally grateful to you for considering us as the adoptive parents of your child. We are committed to parenting and all the responsibilities. Rest assured that when you are ready we will open our hearts to you for the benefit of “OUR” child.

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