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This must be a difficult time for you. My hope is that you feel the security, commitment and love your baby will be surrounded with if you were to select me as the adoptive mother for your child. I also want to give you comfort that however difficult this process may be, I will do all I can to ensure your child has a wonderful and blessed life.

Why Adoption?

I have always wanted to be a parent—whether through biology or adoption. As a kid, I fell in love with the story Anne of Green Gables, about the adoption of a creative and sensitive young girl, who finds a loving family. So, I have chosen adoption as the way to start my family. I can’t wait to meet the unique individual that will be my baby. I plan to stay at home for the first few months so we can both become accustomed to our new lives together and celebrate the wonderful gift I may be given by you. My parents, now retired, live down the hall from me and will be a constant presence from day one.

Children have a certain confidence when healthy and cared for. They want to ride the “big” bike without the training wheels or sing a solo in the school play. My responsibility as a parent will be to guide my child through both good times and challenges, and with that love, become a healthy and independent adult.

Education & Career

Education is very important in my family. Making many sacrifices, my parents sent me to one of the best schools in New York and onto college and law school. I will see to it that my child has the same opportunities to choose their own path and follow their vision.

Now I am an attorney at a global bank. I am constantly reminded by the words of my grandfather who didn’t get passed the sixth grade: “A lot of people have book learning, but they have no common sense”. That’s what my job is – understanding complex rules and just plain problem solving.


I want to expose my child to many different people and experiences. My parents did the same for me – making sure I practiced my saxophone, taking me to tennis lessons and track events. The first time they took me to a Broadway show, I thought it was truly amazing. I still love plays and musicals. I also kickbox because I love feeling strong and being inspired by others. I want my child to develop their own talents, interests and passions. And I will be there to cheer them on.

Seeing the World

Travelling is an amazing gift to make new friends, explore new cultures and places that other people call home. I remember eating at the Friday fish fry in Barbados; dancing at Carnival in Brazil; walking through dirt tunnels under the Vatican in Rome. I also want my child to have unique experiences abroad.

Family & Friends

I come from a close-knit extended family and a line of outspoken matriarchs. Women who immigrated to this country alone. Women who raised their own children and watched over the neighborhood. Mothers who protested school segregation. I learned to respect their wisdom and strength. Family and friends are my source of support and advice. They will be there to welcome my child into the family and our faith.

Home & Neighborhood

I live in a multicultural neighborhood right outside New York City and own a home which is comfortable and welcoming. The room that will be the baby’s nursery is also quite large and gets spectacular light at the end of the day.
My neighborhood is also very kid friendly. There are many activities for children—Sunday schools, language tutors, dance and music classes, schools, public libraries, playgroups and a great children’s science center. Also, I have volunteered for many service projects and donated to charitable causes. It’s important to teach children to serve their community and expect nothing in return.

Thank you

If you do choose to contact me, know that I will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. And that if you choose me to adopt your child, I will always honor you in our daily lives: to talk about where they came from, that it’s okay for them to be curious about you, love you and hope good things for you. If you wish, I will also send photos and updates on how they are doing and the person they are becoming.

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