Gary & Michelle

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Hi! We are Gary and Michelle.

We can’t possibly imagine what you must be feeling at this moment, but we know that you only want what is best for your child. We hope through this journey you find exactly the couple you are looking for. It is our prayer that our story can somehow ease your mind and help with the decision you are considering. We would feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to raise a child from birth together. We look forward to sharing our holiday traditions, being able to give your child a solid education, and the love and security that only you would want for them. Thank you for taking the time to look at a small snap shot of who we are as individuals and as a family and hope that you would consider us as adoptive parents for your child.

About Us

We are not a traditional family, in that Michelle was a single mom when we met. Our son John, who is now in college, is excited and supportive of our hope to adopt.

My wife Michelle, written by Gary
Michelle is a very loving and dedicated mother, wife and friend. She is always optimistic and sees the best in every situation no matter the circumstances. Michelle has taught me a lot and has helped me to become a better man. She has raised a great young man in John, who is genuine, loving and excels in school. I look forward to watching her become a mother again. Since I have known Michelle, she has dedicated every moment of her life to ensure John’s happiness, security and safety and has always looked forward to being able to share this again with another child. It thrills me to think of her being able to give this kind of special love and attention to another child. Michelle truly loves being at home and doing for her family. Whether it is the dreaded piles of laundry or cooking a great meal for us, she does it with love.

Meet Gary, written by Michelle
Gary is an amazing stepfather to our son, John. It was an instant connection between them! From the moment my son opened the door at age 9 (we waited almost a year before the two of them met), dressed in his little sweater vest, jacket and pants that didn’t match….Oh, and the mustache he drew on his face with my eyeliner, they were hooked!
Gary is the kind of man that fully supports me in everything I do. That’s not to say that if I am wrong or I make a mistake he won’t tell me, but he does it with kindness and love. He is a protective kind of guy who makes sure we are always ok! His laugh is contagious and he knows just what to say to make anyone laugh. Gary is a very talented builder who owns his own building and developing company. Owning his own company allows him the ability to set his own schedule and take time off as he needs. I would love nothing more than to see Gary be able to experience fatherhood from the very beginning of life!

John Michael, written by Michelle
John is a charming, intelligent and talented young man, whom we are proud to say, is currently attending a 4-year university. To see him striving for his dreams and actually making them happen is something else. John is such a caring and protective kind of kid (something I know he gets from Gary). When Gary and I approached John about adoption, at first John didn’t know what to think. In his mind, everyone can have kids, “you had me”…so he asked the obvious question…”why?” We carefully shared our journey with John that brought us to the decision of expanding our family through adoption. From there he fell in love with the idea! John shared that he had always wanted a brother or sister. We asked him if he felt weird about it since he was 18 and he said, “no… it’s your life… you are both young and should be able to experience raising a baby together, you did a great job with me….. I think you guys are totally cool for choosing adoption”. Now when he calls home from school or comes home for breaks, he is always asking, “any news yet?” He looks forward to sharing his love for reading and writing with a younger brother or sister and coming home during his breaks to spend time with all of us.

Our Home and Community

We absolutely love our home. When we first saw our home, it was definitely a diamond in the rough. But Gary being a builder and myself having a bit of imagination, we saw the potential! We chose this property because it is close to family and friends, and is located in a blue ribbon school district. Our home is situated on a large acre of land which our two pups, Ginger and Nella, love. Our community offers families so much to do and has a strong athletics program. Our neighborhood has so many children and is full of life. We are friends with our neighbors and we all take care of each other. With John off to college, it is a lot of house for just two people! We are so ready to hear the sounds of a little one in our home again.

Our Family and friends

Our son John has always been surrounded by not only our close family, but by our extended family and friends! We don’t travel as much as some people; but that doesn’t bother us because, frankly, we prefer being at home. In the summer we are always BBQing and swimming with our family and friends. Come fall and winter it’s nights outside with the Chiminea and seriously… smores!
We love Thanksgiving. This happens to be our favorite holiday in terms of celebrations. It always comes down to family and food! We as a family have so much to be thankful for and love being able to have a day like Thanksgiving to just sit and share each other’s company. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy every holiday but there is just something a bit special for us on Thanksgiving!
We enjoy weekend trips up at the lake house and spending them with Aunt Gale there.
Both of our families are so excited to welcome a new baby. Everyone is already making plans and preparing for the arrival.

Our Message to You

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile as you consider the best future and family for your child. We sincerely pray and hope you find all that you are looking for. Please know that if your child makes a home with us, it will be one of security, love and support. We would be blessed and honored to have him or her as part our family.
Thank you again and God bless.
Gary and Michelle

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