Ira & Abbie

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We are so excited to begin this journey to add the newest member to our family! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us. You are currently making a very important decision for the life of your child and we appreciate you considering us as parents. We can provide a happy and safe home, filled with love, joy and opportunity. Keep reading! We hope you will find comfort in us and find security in the life we can provide for your child.

About Us

We have been together for over 10 years. While we were dating, we loved cooking together, taking walks through the park and visiting with each other’s families. We always wanted to have a large family. We both have three siblings, including twins. We have adopted our two children and would love to add another sibling.

Abbie has been a beauty consultant for over 9 years. She loves helping women look their best. She loves having a flexible schedule that allows her to put her family first. In her free time, she loves reading, swimming and watching movies. Ira has been working in corporate accounting for over 13 years. He finds that while financially rewarding, his position is often hard and demanding. On weekends, he loves spending time with his family. In his free time, he loves going to the gym, reading the newspaper, and watching movies.

Family Life

We adopted both of our children. We and our extended family love our children just as much as we would any biological child. We believe that we have a responsibility to help our children reach their potential by offering them opportunities in all areas of their lives including education and extracurricular activities.

Nessa has played soccer, had swim and horseback riding lessons, and is currently participating in dance classes. Zachary will have these opportunities as well when he gets a little older.
The joy and blessing of adoption is nothing new in our family. Our two children were adopted from Ethiopia and Korea. Our entire extended family cannot wait to welcome a new member into their hearts.

Our Friends and Family

We are very fortunate to have such supportive and loving family and friends who are very important to us. Ira’s sister and parents live a few blocks away. Ira’s parents are very active and are thrilled with being grandparents. We love to go to the park with them. We have a very close synagogue family and Nessa attends Sunday school. While Abbie’s parents are further away, they are still very much a part of our life. When we visit, Nessa and Zachary love to spend time with them, do crafts and make bread with their Savta!

Our Home and Community

We live in a lovely two story home in a suburban community. There are plenty of playgrounds that have been well tested by Nessa and Zachary! Our town boasts a great school system and Nessa and Zachary are both enjoying their educational experiences. In terms of education, we will send our child to a school that is right for him/her. We are currently sending both children to excellent local public schools. However, this may change in the future based on their needs and on our ability to send them to a private school.

We are a Jewish family living in a religiously and racially diverse neighborhood. Our neighbors and friends are Jewish, Christian and Muslim as well as Middle Eastern, Asian American, Latina, African American and Caucasian.

Our Message To You

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We hope that what we have offered here gives you a look into our lives and that you will consider us as a loving family for your child. Please know that our prayers and support are with you as you go through the process of selecting parents for your child. We would be happy to meet you as part of that process if you would like. In closing, we wish you all the best and pray that you find peace and comfort with your decision.

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