Jessica & John

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Hello! We are Jess and John and we are honored that you have chosen to learn more about us and the kind of life we can provide for your child. Although we have never met, we are truly humbled by your selflessness and we promise that your baby will be loved unconditionally, not only by us, but by grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, cousins, great aunts and uncles as well as many, many friends. We would love the opportunity to meet you and would be happy to update you with your child’s progress through letters and pictures. We are excited to welcome a baby into our loving and supportive family!

About Us

We met and started dating our sophomore year at college in Pennsylvania where we studied together, pledged Greek life together and graduated together. In 2006 we married on the same college campus where we met.

John is a manager at a financial firm and Jess is an accountant. In our spare time we enjoy going on day trips, watching movies, going on long walks, antiquing, and spending time with friends and family.

We are looking forward to sharing our lives and experiences with a new member of our family and are hoping to start it through adoption!

A Little about Jess by John…
Jess loves singing, musicals, tennis, scrapbooking, decorating for Christmas, history and reading. She has always been there for me – especially when those unexpected things in life happen – like a late night emergency appendectomy the weekend before Christmas. Although we ended up having to completely rearrange our plans that year, it made me realize how Jess just rolls along with the punches and puts my needs before her own. The passion she puts into everything she does, putting others’ needs in front of her own and being able to adapt quickly to changes are characteristics that make me know she’s going to be a great mom!

John according to Jess…
John loves traveling, video games, history, movies, tech gadgets, cooking and working on the house. He is a caring individual and a wonderful husband. We share the housework, laundry, and cooking equally and he always takes very good care of me if I’m sick. He’s very patient and great with kids. I have seen him lovingly and energetically play “horsey” and tag many times with his goddaughter and her cousins at birthday parties.

John and I had the privilege of taking our friend’s daughter to the Liberty Science Center. It was very touching to see his interactions with her as she experienced the exhibits. The experiences and interactions that John has had with our friend’s daughter and the fact that John pitches in and helps around the house make me certain that he’s going to be a hands-on dad!

Our Home & Community

We live in a townhouse community in a beautiful suburban town in central New Jersey. Our home faces a large open courtyard with plenty of room to run and play. We also have access to two large community swimming pools. The neighborhood is filled with young families that often gather outside in the evenings and weekends to watch all of the kids play together.

Our town is very family oriented as well. It has a top-rated school district, multiple parks and playgrounds as well as strong recreational programs and many travel sports teams. We have access to schools of dance, martial arts, music programs and pretty much any activity a child would want to get involved in. Since we are conveniently located between Philadelphia and New York City there is no shortage places to go and things to do!

Family Life

We love to explore the state of New Jersey and neighboring parts of Pennsylvania! Whether it be antiquing, visiting historical sites, museums or even shopping in one of several local malls, we enjoy being out and about. Being active with a child opens up many more opportunities of places to go and things to do! We also enjoy downtime at home and we regularly liven it up with our own movie marathons or family game nights. Fry, Kif and Ralphie are our three chinchillas. They are quick, perky little animals that originated from the Andes Mountains in South America. They are friendly, furry and energetic fur balls!

We always make an effort to go on a yearly vacation. In recent years we have been able to visit Williamsburg, VA and Charleston, SC for a bit of history. One of our favorite places to be, however, is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl. It will be great to see the joy that Mickey Mouse brings to the face of a child!

Our Friends and Family

Jess’s Family
We are very close with both of my parents and younger sister. We spend time with my parents often and I talk to my sister frequently as she is pursuing her doctorate.
Almost every year since I was born, my family and I vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ. This small southern NJ seaside town is where we created some of the best family memories. My family is very supportive of our decision to adopt and they are looking forward to making more family memories with a little one!

My extended family consists of my Nana and Papa, Aunt and cousin. My family is no stranger to adoption, as my cousin was adopted from Russia. Every Thanksgiving since I was a child I would wake up to the delicious aroma of turkey and stuffing made by my Nana. The homemade bread stuffing is actually my great grandmother’s recipe. I have since learned how to make it as well and I’m looking to sharing the deliciousness with a child!

John’s Family
My parents and youngest sister live five minutes away from us and are ready and willing to lend a hand. Every year before Christmas we go out as a family to choose and cut down my parent’s Christmas tree. The rest of the day is followed by a delicious lunch, decorating the tree, baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, listening to Christmas carols and watching Christmas shows.

My youngest sister and I share many common interests and have a similar sense of humor. We share our inside jokes and like to poke fun at each other. She’s very supportive of our decision to adopt and is looking forward to having a new niece or nephew to play with! My other sister and her husband recently became first-time parents, which made us first-time Aunt and Uncle. We are thrilled that our niece will eventually have a playmate at holidays and fellow cousin to cause mischief with!

We cherish each of our friendships and look forward to any occasion where we get to spend time as a group, especially around the holidays. Whether it be New Year’s Eve in Connecticut or watching the Super bowl in Central Jersey with 20 of our friends and co-workers, we are rarely alone to celebrate! At this point many of them either have kids or will be having kids soon and we look forward to the opportunity to get together as families.

Our Message to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. Through it all we promise to provide unconditional love, a stable and supportive home life, an excellent education, and a loving, extended family. Your child will be able to pursue his or her passions in life and will have our unwavering support. We look forward to sharing our home, our lives and our heart with a child.

Jess & John

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