Ken & Lisa

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Welcome to our story, we are Lisa & Ken. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. We promise to cherish your child more than anything in the world and give them a home that is filled with love, warmth, and joy. Our family is surrounded by a much bigger family that is ready and waiting with open arms to love your child.

About Us:

We met in college, Ken was volunteering at his fraternity rose sale for Valentine’s Day and one of Lisa’s sorority sisters introduced us. Soon after, Ken sent Lisa a rose, and after a bit of a chase coupled with a good friendship, we started dating and fell in love. We are both lucky that we have married our best friend, and we have been married for 15 amazing years.
Ken is a Technical Sales Manager and Lisa is a Director of Human Resources and we live in a lovely suburb in Northern NJ. Ken works from home, and Lisa commutes about 30 minutes to work. Our life outside of work is spent with each other trying new things, travel – we love to take day trips to new places, and spending time with our closest friends and their children. We look forward to sharing our spirit of adventure, fun and family with your child.
We have struggled for quite some time with infertility but we have overcome it by sharing the love we have to share with all of our nieces, nephews, and God children who we love like our own. By loving them the way we do, it opened our eyes to how adoption can not only grow our family but also how we can share our love with your child.

Lisa about Ken:
Ken is a wonderful man; he is strong, hardworking, lovable, funny and a true care giver. He loves taking care of not only me, but our cats and anyone else we call family. He loves cars, computers, fishing, home improvements, and anything outdoors. He was a football player in high school and college which taught him dedication and teamwork.
Lucky for me, he handles my quirks, and makes me feel like I can depend on him no matter what. He is so strong physically and emotionally, he has helped me to learn to stand up for myself and not get taken advantage of in life. He makes me a better person. He also has such a warm sensitive side too (which is one of my favorite things about him), he enjoys the quiet moments of life and treasures them in his heart. Ken is the guy who’s shoulder is strong enough to hold me up when I am sad and can make me laugh to feel better. He is a wonderful cook, and loves creating new things in the kitchen from his grandmother’s classic red sauce that he is always tweaking to get just right to helping me with Christmas cookies.
Ken will be an amazing father, I knew it the moment I met him. He has a playfullness about him that children are drawn too. As a father Ken will share all of his passions with our child and will help them to learn all of the fantastic lessons he has learned in his life. He makes our family a priority in everything he does.

Ken about Lisa:
I met Lisa for the first time February 6th, 1996, I will always remember that day because it is the day my life changed. She had a great smile, and upbeat personality that attracted me. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and is one of the most truthful people I have ever met. While those are attributes are endearing, her thoughtfulness and love is what made me fall in love with my soul-mate.
Lisa has an incredible drive and passion for what she does. She is caring and thoughtful and has a warmth about her that is contagious, this is not just to those that are close to her, but also in her profession. She is at the center of our family and extended families – and is referred to as the “glue”. She makes sure that family and friends are a part of everything we do. Lisa remembers everyone’s birthday, whether family, or distant friends we may not be in touch with on a regular basis. You always know Lisa is remembering your special day. She always sets aside time to write personal notes and thank you’ s for every gift she receives. It’s that thoughtfulness and caring that is rare in people nowadays.
Lisa is also light hearted and easy going and is game for most ideas. Lisa loves to create things from nothing whether it is baking traditional Christmas cookies that accompany the holiday gifts, or her outstanding Thanksgiving apple and pumpkin pies, to handmade baby blankets, cross stitches, and ceramics she has a knack for not only creating things but also teaching. Whether it is teaching me how to bake cookies or my brother-in-law or our friend’s children, Lisa is always in willing to teach and has a knack for patience while doing so.
Lisa will be an outstanding mother, she loves children and has that playful charm that children just love. There is nothing more important to Lisa than family. Lisa will instill not only her values and fun loving spirit with your child but also that family comes first no matter what. She will take the time to teach a child to be strong but caring in what they do but also help them to dream BIG and will also help them to make those dreams come true. That is why I know when we are blessed to raise and open our hearts to a child, Lisa will always be there for them.

Our Friends & Family

We have a great family that lives all over the US and we get to visit them quite often. Our parents and grandparents are ready to open their hearts to a child. Together we have 3 siblings in total and each already have children that we are very close to. We are lucky to that Lisa’s father lives nearby.
Our nieces and nephews play such an important part of our lives. Whether we are going to a school play, sporting event, a talent show, fishing, or just playing in the yard with them – our family is so important to us. We are also lucky to have one grandparent nearby. We are also the Godparents to 4 of our nieces and nephews and we take that job very seriously.
Outside of our genetic family we also have an amazing extended family close by that is filled with people that have been in our lives for over 20 years. They are some of the most caring, dedicated, and loving people that we know. They are always there for us – no matter what and we are a part of their families just lie they are a part of ours. We could not imagine our lives without them. There are lots of future cousins that are a part of this group that your child will get to grow up with. Your child will be loved by all of our families near and close as well as related and not related.

What do Mom’s have to say (quotes from some of our references):
“They are the most grounded people I know. I trust them indefinitely and know that when my children are with them they are in fantastic hands.”
“My husband and I do not hesitate in the least when Lisa and Kenny are watching our girls. We
know that Lisa and Kenny are respectful of the rules that we have put in place for our children,
and they also know how to have fun with our kids. They inherently know how to put smiles on
their faces as well as comfort them in times of need.”
“I firmly believe that Lisa and Ken will be excellent parents. I have seen them interact with not only my children but the other kids in our group, it is truly a magical sight! They both poses the ability to calm an upset child just as their parent would, the trust of the parents to discipline the children according to each families rules, and the love of the kids to be considered aunt and uncle to them.”

Our home and community:

We love our home, it’s comfortable and homey. We live on a dead end street with a nice big yard. From the kids pictures on the fridge to the toys that we have all ready to go – our house will be ready for our new addition. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with sidewalks and great places to ride bikes. We are close to lots of areas for hiking and swimming as well.
Our home is filled with love and fun – we love music *there is mostly always some playing. Whether its dancing in the family room, using it to work out to, belting it out on road trips, signing Disney songs with our nieces and nephews, or just in our normal day activities… music has become the story of our lives.

Our message to you:

Thank you for learning about us! We would love to hear from you! We hope that learning about our lives, together and as individuals will help you on your journey. The sacrifice that you make will be the greatest gift we could ever receive and we promise the following to not only you but to your child. We promise to…..
– Provide and outstanding education for your child
– Build your child’s confidence to take risks and try new things
– Speak to them always with love and respect, always
– Encourage them to love to learn about new things
– Teach them respect for animals
– Build a strong sense of family and community in them
– Share laughter and listen to them everyday
– Encourage them to solve problems creatively
– Teach your child to play an instrument
– Accept your child for who they are and help them become the person they want to be
– Teach them to be proud of who they are and where they came from

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