Kristen & Andrew

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We are Andrew and Kristen, hopeful adoptive parents who would love to get to know you. Our dream is to share a home full of love with your baby through adoption.

About Us

We met online on Yahoo personals and realized very quickly that we wanted to be married. It was two years from our first date to our wedding. Our strengths as a couple are love, honesty, respect and trust. We do everything together and we are a good balance for each other.

About Kristen, by Andrew
Our first date I was too nervous to eat or talk, I was certain I was blowing it. I must have done something right because Kristen and I continued to see each other. Kristen is a very caring individual who puts everyone ahead of herself. She will be an amazing mother! I admire how determined Kristen can be. She has gone back to school to get her college degree while working. At her work she started out in a temp job doing filing and worked her way to be hired into the company to getting promoted to customer service supervisor. Kristen believes that family comes first and has advocated for women and family at work. She makes me want to be a better person and she will help our adoptive child be the best person he or she can be.

About Andrew, by Kristen
Andrew will be a fantastic father! The qualities I respect most are his patience, intelligence, unconditional love, and the respect he has for me. I am strong and a bit demanding at times, yet Andrew is very easy going. We complement each other well. Andrew always thinks of me and our families first. He loves to teach children and see them grow. I believe our child will learn and grow in so many different areas from Andrew. Andrew is a true gentleman, whether he is opening the car door for me or holding my hand to cross the street. Most of the week Andrew works from home. While baking Andrew saves me the bowl to taste….yummy!! Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and works as a Computer Programmer.

Our Family

We have an adorable dog, Coco, whom we rescued from a puppy mill. To make Kristen smile, Andrew sings to Coco, who loves this. Coco is gentle and loves children.

Andrew’s mother and father have been married over 50 years and they still hold hands regularly and are truly in love. Kristen’s mother and father have been married 47 years.

Our sisters and brothers are our best friends. Every Saturday night, Kristen’s family went to 5:00 mass and then had family time, making homemade pizza and watching movies. Now that we just purchased a home a year ago we cannot wait to share these experiences with our child.

Although are families live far from us, we see them monthly and speak with them every week. We love to entertain our nephews and nieces through games, activities and projects like creating Christmas tree ornaments. On Christmas Eve, our family gets together and goes to church. We come home from church celebrate, laugh and eat.

Our Home and Community

We own a single family home set on a large plot of land. It is a 4 bedroom colonial with a two car garage, and plenty of windows and doors for natural light. We have plenty of space to add a swing set and sandbox for a child. Our community is safe, friendly, and warm, and is a great place to raise children. We are close to New York cultural activities, but in the suburbs we are able to have a nice large yard in which kids can play.

Our Message to you

Our promise to you is we are committed to raising a happy, healthy, well rounded child and that we will speak of you with the highest regard.
Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to learn about us.
We’d love to speak with you.

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