Lisa & John

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Hi! We are John and Lisa. We would like to sincerely Thank You for considering us to be parents for your beautiful child. We have a strong desire to be parents and have been unable to do so thus far. We truly believe that we can provide a Loving, Nurturing, Supportive, and Wonderful Life for your child filled with Memorable Experiences and Tremendous Opportunities as he or she grows into healthy adulthood. We can only image how challenging and stressful this must be for you. We Honor and Respect your Strength and Courage. We feel you are an Angel from Heaven to help a couple without children to achieve their dream of becoming parents while providing a selfless and loving life-plan for your child.

About Us

We met on the on-line in 2009 and felt a deep connection on our first date. We got engaged about a year later. John proposed to Lisa at a romantic restaurant on the Jersey shore. We were married the day Hurricane Irene hit our area, which many of the guests commented that it made the day even more magical.

Unconditional love makes our relationship strong and everlasting! Kindness, patience, acceptance, faith, respect, trust, open communication and common goals make our marriage successful. We consider ourselves best friends and soul mates. We love each-other’s company. We support each other and rely on each other. Some of our favorite things to do together are travel, go to the Jersey shore, go biking, and go to concerts and festivals. Lisa loves to bake, garden and swim. John’s favorite hobbies are football, watching movies and reading.

My wife Lisa written by John
When I met Lisa, I immediately loved her upbeat, positive, non-judgmental nature. She always sees the best in people. I really admire these qualities about Lisa. Her smile, her laugh, her empathy towards others and her love of animals is extraordinary. Lisa is a loving, caring, open minded, and charitable person. Lisa is also very smart and really plans well for the future. I call her the “Suze Orman” Financial Planner of our house. I truly admire and respect that about her. Anyone who knows Lisa would say she is so kind hearted and sweet. She really cares so much for me, her family, friends and our cats. She is always there to give an encouraging word or help her family and loved ones in any way she can. I tell Lisa she is beautiful and that I love her very often. And I mean it 100%. She has outer and inner beauty that attracted me to her right away and that continues to this day.

Lisa as a Mommy written by John
I know Lisa will be a great Mom! If you could see the love and care she gives towards our cats, you would know it would be multiplied many times toward a child. Lisa took care of her younger brother while in high school when both her parents were working. Lisa has also worked as a babysitter, a camp counselor, and swim instructor for children. Lisa has so much love to give and is terrific with kids such as nieces, nephews and friends’ children. Children are drawn to Lisa’s loving nature.

Lisa’s Career
I am fortunate to work from Home each Day! I work as a Project Manager for a major healthcare company focusing on Medicaid and Medicare programs. The company is a great fit for my personality. I have a terrific boss and co-workers. I truly love my job. I will take a few months off when the baby initially comes to our home. When I return to a working schedule, we plan to have an in house babysitter to help care for the child. In addition, there are several excellent nursery schools for when that time comes.

My Husband John written by Lisa
John is a hardworking, affectionate, and funny man. He really cares so much for me, his family and friends. John is very strong both physically and in terms of his character. He consistently acts with integrity and kindness. He is very respectful and compassionate to all people. He is incredibly caring and nurturing towards our cats and loves all animals. John loves to bring a smile to everyone’s face. He is very comical with me, our family and friends. and all children. Kids love to be around John as he always makes them smile. He is always encouraging me, his brothers, and his mom in our daily lives. He truly wants to help everyone succeed. This will serve to be an incredible attribute as a Dad. I always feel loved and valued. John truly appreciates our marriage, He works to ensure that together we evolve as a couple on a daily basis.

John as a Daddy written by Lisa
John is an excellent role model for children. His morals and values will set an excellent example for our child to emulate. He is a great mentor to our nieces and nephews on a regular basis. John has always had a love of children. John looks forward to being a daddy. He can’t wait to love, nurture, and support his child. He looks forward to wrapping Christmas presents for our child and seeing the look on their face when receiving them. Having played sports, he looks forward to teaching our child various athletics and possibly coaching sports teams.

John’s Career
I work as a Life Insurance Underwriter for a very successful Life Insurance Agent who works with high net worth clients. I do a lot of behind the scenes work such as preparing for appointments and getting the applications completed and approved. I love the company that I work for and have an excellent relationship with my boss who is the CEO. The company has a warm, friendly and professional environment. My hours are 8:30am-5pm Mon-Friday. I get home around 5:45pm each day allowing for ample family time in the evenings. I have very good health benefits, 401K, and vacation time. I also plan on taking time off when the baby is born.

Family Life

Our families and friends are fully supportive of adoption and feel we will be great parents. Lisa has two cousins who are adopted. And, we have many friends who have adopted children as well.

We love our families and have great relationships with them. We see our families often, especially on all major holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and for sporting events for our nieces and nephews. We both call our parents several times a week. Lisa’s parents live 15 minutes away and John”s mom lives 30 minutes away. Lisa has one one brother who lives 25 minutes away. John has two brothers who live in the tri-state area. Lisa’s brother is married with one step-son. John’s brothers are married and each have two children.
We have three cats that are friendly and great with kids. Percy is our large and lovable cat with a gray and white coat. He loves his Mom and Dad and enjoys our company. Our twin kittens, brothers Binx, who has a black coat, and Logan, who has a gray coat, are incredibly cute. They are one year old and we rescued them from a shelter. They are very playful and loving. All of them are very affectionate and love to sit and snuggle with us. They are nothing like the cat stereotype of being aloof and non-friendly. They love people and bring tremendous joy to our home!

Our Home and Community

We have a 4-bedroom two-story Colonial Home. We chose this home because of the excellent school district, quiet family oriented environment, very low crime rate, proximity to restaurants, shopping, sports, and cultural activities. It has a large living room, family room, kitchen and dining room. Our home is perfect for family time. We have a large front yard and a fenced in backyard. Our big deck is where we love to entertain. We are within an hour of NYC, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore and the Pocono Mountains. We love this area because there are so many options for weekend outings. There are many children of a variety of ages in the neighborhood. We plan to stay here for a longtime as we love our home.

Our Message to You

We will continue the love of family as an important aspect of our child’s life and faith as our parents did. We look forward to reading to our child, doing homework, playing sports and games, nurturing, and above all loving our child. We are excited for trips to the zoo, carnivals and especially Disney! |


We are receptive to hearing your desires for how you would like our relationship to work, should you choose us to be adoptive parents for your baby. Your child will always know how brave and selfless you are to choose this path for their life. We will let your child know that adoption is wonderful and will read books to him or her to understand the process fully. We will ensure your child knows that they are loved and accepted by us and the birth family. We have many wonderful stories of children who were adopted to share with your child. We would be honored if chosen to parent your child. Thank you for reviewing our profile. We wish you the best in making your decision. We know your decision will be made out of Love.

Our Promise To You

• To be Loving and Nurturing Parents

• To give a Wonderful Life for your Child

• To create Memorable Childhood Experiences

• To allow for tremendous opportunities for the future

• To provide for support and guidance from family, friends, and community

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