Nicole & Martin

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We are in our early thirties, and always knew we wanted children. With our religious faith and much support from our family, we know adoption is the way we were meant to have a family. Nicole has three adopted cousins who have shown us the love and joy that adoption brings. We promise to honor you as your child’s birth mother and to make your child feel safe, loved, and special always. We are comfortable with being as open as you would like to be. If you would like to see photos or emails throughout the years, or more, we are happy to do that. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your decision to choose us as adoptive parents to your precious baby.

About Us

We met in 2006 at a friend’s birthday party and had an instant connection. We had our first official date that week and have never left each other’s side since. We were dating 4 years when we went to Mexico for a vacation with a group of our friends. Martin surprised Nicole with a photo shoot on the beach and when she turned around to pose for a picture Martin was down on one knee. We were married in 2012, the weekend of the Hurricane Sandy Storm. Our wedding day was almost cancelled, but we weathered the storm. We were married by candlelight in our church beside all of our family and friends. At our reception, we came dancing out to the song “Rock you like a Hurricane!” Church and God play an important role in our lives. Religion was always an important factor in both of our families and continues to be very important to us. We both grew up attending church and learned how important it is to keep our faith in God.

Family Life

We know the child we adopt will be welcomed into our family the moment they enter the world. We were raised with love, respect, openness, support, and guidance to make it through all that life has to offer. We live close to each of our parents and we spend a lot of time with each set of parents. Nicole’s mother is her best friend and they talk on the phone every single day. Our parents are so excited to be Grandparents and can’t wait to help in any way they can! We have an adorable cat named Lea. She’s a fun loving, silly kitty who loves to play! Lea loves to be around Martin and I, running to find us like a dog when we walk in the door!

Our Friends

Lifelong friends have been such a wonderful addition to our marriage and we are always grateful for them! We and our friends have all been at each other’s engagements, weddings, welcoming of children, and new homes. Also, our friends are a great support system when times are tough. We’ve had the joy of being around for many firsts in the lives of our friends’ children. We are “Uncle Marty and Aunt Nicole” to many little ones. We love spending time with our friend’s children and can’t wait to add to our already expanding play group!

Our Home and Community

We own a lovely home in the beautiful suburban town where Nicole grew up. It’s an ideal town in which to raise a family and has a great school system. We have a fully finished basement equipped with a big playroom for lots of future fun! Our backyard is safely fenced in and ready for lots of running around, BBQ’s, and swing set fun.

Our Message to you

We can only imagine how hard the decision of adoption has been for you. Your bravery is unimaginable. We hold so much compassion and respect for the choice you are making. Thank you so much for reading our story. It is our hope that through our pictures and stories you might see that we are the family to provide your child with love, encouragement, opportunities and a happy, healthy life. Over the years, we promise to tell your child that your decision was out of bravery and love and to be as open with you as you wish. We would love nothing more than speak with you through phone conversations, texts, or email. However you feel comfortable beginning this journey.

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