Tom & Christine

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Hello! We are Christine and Tom. We wish we could be with you at this exact moment to thank you in person. We would like to thank you for being you and taking the time to learn a little more about us. We always believed strongly that there are all types of families and they do not have to be biological. We have family members who have both adopted and biological children, so it is very normal for us. After finding out we were unable to have more children, we turned to adoption as a loving way to expand our family.

We want to express our true feelings of gratitude for you. Regardless of which family you chose, we want you to know we have the upmost respect for you, your baby and the decision you make. Trust yourself, follow your intuition, and the decision will come to you. We wish you all the best!

About us

Christine and I (Tom) have a lot of funny stories together. That started the moment we met on Halloween night. So, it’s not a surprise that laughter was also part of the day when we got engaged. I thought I had our engagement planned out perfectly. I asked for her dad’s permission to marry his daughter before we left for vacation and had carefully packed the ring. Christine grew up on a farm and I grew up in a city. I decided to ask her to marry me on a farm in Florida. It was a very, very hot day. I knelt down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. I had practiced this a few times before we left for vacation, so it should have gone off without a hitch, BUT I knelt down in a pile of red ants!!! Instead of saying yes to my question, Christine answered, “Oh, no! You have fire ants climbing up leg!” So, sweat running down my face and ants running up my leg, I asked for her hand in marriage again. She laughed, and said YES!!!

Christine (written by Tom)is a wonderful wife and mother to our daughter Hailey. As I said earlier, she grew up on a farm and loves the outdoors and animals. She likes to ride horses, paddle board, hike, swim, ski, kayak, exercise and is willing to try just about any activity outdoors. She has a huge heart and finds joy in the little things many other people overlook. Christine has a lot of energy and is always coming up with fun things to do. She can often be found volunteering at school, our church, or one of our community events. She puts us before herself without complaining and is extremely supportive of my career, and our daughter’s activities. I should also mention that Christine is an amazing baker and our home with over 500 Christmas cookies each year for friends, family, neighbors, and charity. It’s amazing to watch how she does it and now has taught our daughter (Hailey) the love that goes into each recipe. One of the many reasons I love my wife is she one most optimistic people I know. She is resilient, and is always looking at the positive in every situation. Christine has always been an advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves and isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right. She’s instilled this in our daughter (Hailey) and I am a better man because of her.

Tom (written by Christine) is a super funny guy and very dependable. He’s the planner in the family which is good because I’m spontaneous. He is a great husband, and an amazing hands-on dad. He is dedicated to his family and successful at his job. He is a big cuddly teddy bear who all the kids adore and also come to for advice. He’s level headed and definitely someone you can count on in an emergency. A few years ago, our neighbors ran to our home in their pajamas because their home was on fire. As they were running away from their home, Tom was running toward it with fire extinguishers in hand. That’s Tom…. When he’s not saving the day, he loves the deep sea and can be found fishing. He also volunteers with the father’s club, annual carnival, or coaching one of Hailey’s teams. I should also mention, he’s the resident grill master at family and neighborhood barbeques. Yes, Tom is my husband, but I can honestly say he has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.
Our daughter Hailey is eleven and so excited to be a big sister. It has been her first request on her gift list for Santa for the last four years. She is beyond ecstatic when we started discussing adoption. She is an easy going, fun loving kid who gets good grades and loves to play sports, especially ice hockey. She is wise beyond her years and sees each day as a blessing. She is a funny kid, has a heart of gold, and dreams of being the best big sister in the world.

Family Life

We are a family that doesn’t “sweat the small stuff.” Overall, I would categorize us as easy going, fun, and loving. We laugh a lot! Since Tom is a planner and I’m pretty spontaneous we balance each other out. We travel often and because of Tom’s work we have been to many places around the world. Hailey and I have accompanied Tom on trips to Hong Kong, Europe and Japan. We are blessed that I work only six miles away and make my own schedule based on our family’s needs. However, Tom and I decided that once the baby arrives I will be a stay at home mom to help with the transition.

I should also note that we have two beautiful dogs named Bingo and Mr. Magoo. They both are rescue dogs who adore children. Bingo is a Jack Russell Poodle, and Mr. Magoo is a Carin terrier mix. They are a silly pair and are a perfect fit for our family!

Our Friends and Family

Our family and extended family all live close. We get together at least once a week, but usually we see each other even more often. We are never short on volunteers when it comes to babysitting! As a family, we support each other and our kids. We have five nieces who are in many different activities, but each of us make sure we go to support each other. For example, if Hailey has a home hockey game it is a guarantee at least one grandparent, an aunt, uncle and some cousins will be there cheering her on. The same goes for our nieces with their riding, gymnastics, rock climbing, singing, piano, soccer, school plays, etc. We are blessed to have all this support. We go on family vacations every year, have many family traditions and spend all holidays together. It is our hope that we can continue to pass on our traditions and importance of family to our children.

Tom and I have many good friends that go back to when we were in grammar school. We have grown up together, and are now raising our own families. Our neighbors have also become very good friends, as we all chip in to help out each other. When Hurricane Sandy arrived we all had comfort because we knew we could rely on each other.

Our Home and Community

We live in a four bedroom, three bathroom home on an acre of land. The biggest room in the house is the playroom! Outside our home is a lawn with a playhouse, a swing set, and a trampoline. In our driveway you can find a hockey and basketball net. Almost every home in our neighborhood has children and because it is a safe area and everyone knows each other they can play outside together.

We are surrounded by farms and animals, yet are only 40 minutes from New York City. We have the best of both worlds because we can go into the city to visit a museum, attend a play, or cultural event and then come home to a peaceful environment. Our town has a cultural arts center, many playgrounds, community farms, parks and offer town days, races for families, and farm markets on the weekends.

Our Message to You

We can honestly say our family is the most important thing in this world. Regardless of your choice for adoptive parents, we want you to know we care about you and your well-being. We wish you all the best on your journey. We admire your decision to put your child’s needs first and we promise that we will continue to do the same.

Your child will be loved unconditionally and we promise to raise them with the best intentions, values and morals. We wish you all the best.

Christine & Tom

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