John & Melissa

  • John & Melissa: Welcome to our profile!
  • John, Melissa & Coco celebrating the luck of the Irish
    at our town’s annual St. Patty’s Day parade.
  • Our adopted 3 year old pooch Coco
    never stops wagging her tail!
  • John loves to dress up as the family Santa
    at Melissa’s family’s annual Christmas party.
  • Christos Anesti! Happy Easter
    from the Greek side of John’s family!
  • Winter day trips snowtubing
    in the New Jersey mountains with cousins.
  • Wedding time!
    John and Melissa at their cousin Dave’s wedding.
  • It’s a… Mermaid! Melissa decorated cookies
    for a mermaid-themed baby shower.
  • Melissa helped Snoopy celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Melissa designed
    special animal cookies for a mom’s baby shower.
  • We love vacationing
    at the most magical place on earth!
  • Our most precious photo of Coco with John.
  • Coco is always bundled up in our bed or couch
    with tons of blankets. She lives a very comfy lifestyle.
  • Play with me!
  • Our sweet, smiley pooch
    poses for pictures… when she wants to…
  • Yee-haw! Melissa & John at Mickey’s
    Backyard BBQ dinner show
  • John catching those summer waves on the bay of
    Long Beach Island, our favorite beach spot.
  • Melissa & her sister Caitlin at the Adam Sandler show.
  • The day it snowed at the NY Giants game…
    the coldest day we ever spent at Metlife Stadium!
  • Coco is the littlest “big sister” in waiting
    and can’t wait to meet her new brother or sister!
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Hi! We are John and Melissa. We cannot begin to understand how difficult this decision is for you, but we want you to know that you are a blessing to your baby and to your baby’s future parents. Regardless of the reason a family is choosing to adopt your baby, you are helping a couple become parents, helping a little girl or boy gain a lifelong friend, and you are committing the most selfless act as a mother by giving your baby the best life you could dream one to have.

About Us

Our story begins in the summer of 2006 at the Saint Peter’s University pool. Melissa just finished her freshman year at the college, and John was an incoming freshman. Both of us being shy strangers to one another, we quickly grew as friends over our love for the water. We spent almost every shift together working as lifeguards for the college’s pool that summer, and once school started in the fall, we were inseparable. Then, on Christmas day that year, John asked Melissa to be his girlfriend while chatting on AOL Instant Messenger. We’ve been together ever since! We chose Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” as our wedding song in honor of the fact that first and foremost, we are best friends.

Why John Would Make a Great Dad

For as long as I can remember, I hoped to marry a man who wanted a family and wanted to be a family man. I hoped to marry the type of man who could show our son what it means to be a man; I hoped to marry a man who would show our daughter the type of man she deserves. I hoped to marry a hardworking man who did everything he could to keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our bellies. I hoped to marry a man who would spend his evenings playing with our children regardless of how tired he was from work that day. I hoped to marry a man who shows our children that he supports and encourages his wife and others around him to do their best. I hoped to marry a man who goes out of his way to help others in need without expecting anything in return. I hoped to marry a man who would be an amazing role model in so many ways to our children. I am so blessed to have married that man. That man is John.

Why Melissa Would Make a Great Mom

I don’t even have to wonder why she would make a great Mom since Melissa already is one; everyday she shows everyone, especially our dog Coco and me, all the characteristics that we believe make a great Mom. First and foremost, she shows unconditional love to everyone, regardless if she’s known you her whole life or just five minutes; she is one of those people with a truly genuine personality who can make everyone feel like family. Her caring nature and kindness are qualities you rarely see nowadays; Melissa would not only give you the coat off her back, she’d buy you the matching hat, gloves and scarf to go with it to make sure you’re taken care of. Melissa also gives her last dollars to the kids in town canning for donations for their local activities; she can never say “no” to those little faces. Though Melissa has experienced great losses in her life, she knows how to count her blessings; this characteristic trickles down to me and others in our family, for she demonstrates strength and positivity, and in turn, many of us want to be like her. She tells the corniest jokes that’ll keep you laughing for hours and can make even the saddest person put a smile on one’s face. Melissa is honest, leads by example, and encourages others to be the best versions of the themselves, and helps them to do so if they need it. She has the most amazing bond with our dog and would love to spread that love and joy as a mother to your child.


Coco is our beloved 3 year old Maltipoo who was adopted from an animal rescue at just 8 weeks old. Originally a product of a puppy mill in North Carolina, Coco has grown accustomed to a very happy, loving lifestyle. Her biggest decision of the day is to figure out which pile of blankets she wants to lay on. She is the sweetest, smartest and cuddliest little dog, and we are positive you’ll find piles of stolen socks hidden throughout the house. Coco loves to eat pizza, cheese and chicken; she is also a people-person and will make an amazing “big sister” to a lucky child.


We both have had a love for the water since we were young, so spending our summer days at the beach and water parks are a given. We also love playing sports, and have attended many professional football, baseball and hockey games together. As of 2019, we are officially New York Giants season ticket holders! We cannot wait for the day we can purchase a third season ticket for our child so we can spend our fall and winter days tailgating and attending games together as a family. There’s nothing better than the smell of charcoal grills cooking food and the camaraderie among fans on game day.

Disney World is our favorite vacation spot and we have been there several times over the past 12 years together; we are waiting for the day to celebrate our child’s adoption finalization with a trip to see Mickey and Minnie! We also love going on road trips to places we’ve never been. Our dream trip is to rent an RV and travel across every lower 48 state in one trip when our child is old enough to appreciate it.

Individually, we each have our own interests, as well. John loves kayaking and wave running in the ocean, driving his RC car at the track against other drivers, and watching comedy shows for a good laugh. Melissa loves to cook and bake and has made a name for herself as a professional cookie artist for all types of events and occasions. She also loves designing things with her Cricut machine and planning her family’s annual Christmas party.


We are truly grateful for the family and friends we have and we cherish every moment with those who want to be with us. We are especially close to Melissa’s family, spending more than just holidays in each other’s company. We celebrate “January birthdays” for John and two of Melissa’s uncles who are all born in January, we attend the local Saint Patrick’s Day parade as a family and then pig out on food afterwards, we enjoy many BBQs in the summer months at families’ houses, go on an annual camping trip in September together, and celebrate Christmas two weeks early at our annual family Christmas party. Melissa has two sisters she is close to, and both of our families are mostly local to us. Our families are very excited to add a new member to our family and have been extremely supportive in our decision to adopt.

Our Message to You

To the expectant mother reading this, hello! We are John and Melissa, and although we have not met you yet, we already admire you for taking the time to consider us as part of your adoption plan.

Together for almost 13 years, we have had plenty of time to discuss how we wanted to grow our family and how we would be as parents. Because you are considering us as parents for your child, we want to share a few things that are incredibly important to us. First, we love others unconditionally (as do both our families), and a child raised in our family would be so loved and cherished. We value being open and honest with each other and we want to continue that in our role as parents. We want to encourage and support a child to find one’s passion in life; both education and life skills help mold a well-rounded person. We intend to demonstrate kindness and how to give back to others, hoping that this child can leave a positive footprint on others’ lives just like others have done for us. And above all, we intend to share all your wonderful qualities with this child. We want this precious gift to understand he or she is a miracle to us, and that you are our and this child’s biggest blessing.
We hope to meet you soon!

All our Love,
John & Melissa

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