Adoption Programs

Profile Placement

Birth parents contacting A Loving Choice Adoption Associates receive options counseling to determine if an adopting plan is the right choice for them. Birth parents choosing adoption will be presented with profiles of agency approved families from which to select. A Loving Choice Adoption Associates works closely with the birth parents and adopting family to facilitate the connection and plan the adoption.

Identified Placement

This agency program is for those clients who have identified prospective birth parents through their own advertising or networking. Birth parents are referred to A Loving Choice Adoption Associates where both they and the adopting family receive the full range of counseling and placement services as provided in profile placements.

Networking and Advertising Assistance Program

This program provides agency assistance in profile design, networking and advertising strategies, use of the agency’s toll free telephone number, and assistance in screening birthfamily responses. It is available to any prospective adoptive family with a current home study.

Older Child Program

This program assists clients who are seeking to adopt an older child from the US foster care system (outside the State of New Jersey) or an older child identified through another agency/program. Services include older child parent training, assistance with contacting caseworkers of waiting children that have been identified by the client; Identifying children who may be a possible match for the client; case management and coordination throughout matching, post-match, placement, supervision and finalization.

A Loving Choice Adoption Associates is an adoption agency located in Monmouth County NJ and serves all of New Jersey.